For the moment this is simply an orginizational tool for organizing the games. Soon, however, it'll evolve into a legitimate wiki article for the Neolympics.

Categories for the 2008 event:

           Digital Graphic Large Piece
           Live Drawing
           Creative Essay
           Rap Battle
           Halo 3 Match
           Super Smash Bros. Brawl Match
           Guitar Hero 3 Match
           Pok�Mon Diamond/Pearl Battle

Possible Removals from last year:
Guitar Hero 3
Halo 3

Possible Additions for this year:
Music Talent (still needs planning)
Football Manager
Rock Band
Modern Warfare 2

To do list: [I've contacted everybody already, Xaldin]

[7/3, still waiting for confirmation from the following. Sent a reminder PM to everyone]
[12/26] Sent everybody a new message. Initiating the games now that timing is right.

Contact Klope and kjg about incorporating the modeling competition into the Neolympics.
Contact Cartel about the photography event.
Contact ChiroVette about the writing event.

Confirmed events:
Super Smash Bros Brawl, run by Gotenks and Rust.
Chess, Run by Feisar
Pool, Run by Feisar
Pokemon Heart/Gold, run by Origin and Gotenks
Rock Band, run by Xaldin
Rap Battle, run byDutch Samurai and/or Fyrestorm
Music run by The Dave, VulcanRaven, and Rockhole.
Digital Large Piece, windowlicker and vector
Black Ops, Guugley and that other guy
Drawing, LanDi Sama and Wraith

Announcement of Olympics begin on Jan 15th. Games officially begin on the 1st. I'll keep you guys posted which events begin and what order they'll take place.

Message was sent on Jan 4th:

This message is sent to Gotenks, Rust, Feisar, Origin, Xaldin Dutch Samurai, Fyrestorm, The Dave, VulcanRaven, Rockhole, windowlicker, vector, Guugley, Whelan, Rune Ripper, Quierta, LanDi Sama, Chirovette, Wraith, and PhoenixBlue.

Long PM is long... but bare with me. Tis important for everything to run smoothly.

List of Events and Hosts First and foremost I want to thank you guys for taking time to organize each of your events. The Olympics could obviously not be possible without you guys so I definitely want to show my appreciation there.

I'd like to go ahead and use this PM to maybe solve a couple of questions you guys had and secure all organization. Should you have any questions feel free to drop me a line.

The following events are organized by the following people:

     Super Smash Bros Brawl, run by Gotenks and Rust.
     Chess, Run by Feisar
     Pool, Run by Feisar
     Pokemon Heart/Gold, run by Origin and Gotenks
     Rock Band, run by Xaldin
     Rap Battle, run byDutch Samurai and/or Fyrestorm
     Music run by The Dave, VulcanRaven, and Rockhole.
     Digital Large Piece, windowlicker and vector
     Black Ops, Guugley and PhoenixBlue
     Drawing, LanDi Sama and Wraith
     Writing by Chirovette

Rune Ripper and Whenlan, I know you guys just picked up the Black Ops forum, however, the organization of your event is currently in the hands of Guugs and PhoenixBlue. You'll have to converse with them to gauge your exact roll (if any).

I'm still trying to finalize a Photography event. Currently I'm attempting to get Klope to organize it but I'm not entire sure if it's confirmed yet.

So all together we have a total of 12 events (assuming photography works out). The entire olympics will be 6-8 weeks long allowing for 2 events each week. While 6-8 weeks may seem like a long time I think doing any more than 2 events each week may become over bearing.

Organization and Timing The official announcement of the games don't begin until January 15th. On that date a Community Events newsletter will be sent out (which is mass PM'd to nearly 300 people now... not sure how many people are aware how large it is) as well as an official thread made. On that date several important things happen. First off, people will gain all instruction they need to be a part of the games. At that time members will start organizing themselves into teams of somewhere inbetween 8 - 12 members. Haven't decided the final number yet so that's subject to change. They will have two weeks to finalize their teams.

Secondly, the order in which events will occur will be posted. I will be conversing with each of you individually about what dates work best for each event within the next few days to figure out the best and most efficient order. I do know that the Black Ops forum is currently going through their own event currently so expect their olympic event to be near the end if not last.

On February 1st the teams will be finalized the events will begin. This means the Olympics should end after the events that take place on March 15th (or so) end. So expect the entire events to be just under two months long.

The length of each event will vary, of course, depending on the event. However long your event is is completely up to you. However, I would recommend it stay under two weeks as events will begin overlapping the longer the event. I suspect the shorter each event is the more smoothly things will run. That said, I'm speaking ignorantly as an event this much organization as well as variable change, I believe, hasn't been attempted before. And while I think we're up to the challenge I'm absolutely open to suggestions anyone has. I'm considering opening a thread in the Community events forum strictly for event hosts if people find they need to talk amongst themselves to plan perfectly.

What you need to do now Check your PM's. Seriously, I need you guys to stay in communication for the next two months. Because we have such a large team any lack of communication means this event will fail. As I contact each of you please let me know if you will be gone for any number of days. Also, if you're finding yourself overloaded feel free to grab somebody to help you. I can't stress enough how much in control you guys are of your own events. Each of you know your specific event better than I so you do what you feel needs to be done to make things run well. I have full faith in you.

The main thing you need to do now is plan your event. Because events don't begin until Feb 1st you have just under a full month to plan. If you are having difficulty with your event feel free to ask me for my opinion as well as anybody else on this team. We all have good ideas and I'm sure we're all willing to share them.

When the time comes for your event I'll you post your official thread in the Community Events forum. That that time I'll move your thread to your forum, however, I'll allow the link to your thread remain in the CE forum. This means each Olympic event will be hosted in each correct forum but the Community Events forum will have the full directory of where each one is taking place. Any sub threads you create can be posted in your forum without having to go through CE.

The last thing I want to mention is that all information will be posted here. I will continue to update that page with any knowledge I gain. At the moment, and while it's not a full secret (seeing as there's a wiki page), keep the event somewhat quite for the moment. I don't want people organizing themselves into teams before everyone else even has a chance to read it.

Thank you for your time in reading this entire thing. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

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