Once a user reaches the fifty post mark they are given access to two new features, a custom title and a Neohome.

A Neohome is a very basic mini-webpage attached to each members profile in which limited HTML and CSS can be used. Though you're still constricted to Neoseekers Forumwide Rules of Conduct, Etiquette And Acceptable Behavior, it's also one of the few places each member is allowed to advertise outside of your signature and profile. Neohomes allowed JavaScript a long while back, but after a while it was noticed that users would be able to hack people using the many features.

[edit] WYSIWYG Editor

As of June 14th, 2010 we launched a rich text editor for Neohome editing. By default this is turned off because it was found that it does modify the HTML of some of the fancier Neohome's out there, please take note of this when using it!

To enable it, click the link at the bottom, as seen:

Neohome wysiwyg.png

After you set this to "on" you never have to set it again as it saves your preference. This is what it should look like turned on:

Neohome wysiwyg full.png

[edit] Allowed HTML

Although the list below is what is put at the side of your neohome, some other tags including <map> </map> and the form tags work, too.

<br />

For more information on how to use these tags and other basics of Neohomes visit the NeoHome 101 thread on in the HTML/CSS & NeoHome Help Forum.

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