Neoforums Mobile Mode

Neoforums v0.9.8 introduces a completely custom Mobile Mode which renders cleaner and faster on mobile devices. The forums mobile mode complements the Neoseeker Mobile Mode launched June 2010.


[edit] Mobile Mode Features

  • The most important feature: every URL in the forums can be viewed in Mobile Mode without any redirects or different URL flags. This means that your friends can PM or email you URLs and you can view them on your mobile device "as is" and it will render perfectly in mobile mode. You can send URLs from your phone and friends on full browsers will see it render perfectly in full mode.
  • the header and footer are completely custom written for mobile devices and are MUCH smaller and cleaner. They only contain the most important links necessary.
  • all devices can exit Mobile Mode to view the "full mode". And can re-enter Mobile Mode at any time via the link at the footer. (this feature requires Cookies support on your mobile phone).
  • nearly every page is custom written to be more useable on mobile devices. This means less text, less HTML, and the best use of space possible.
  • Auto-detection of most mobile devices. You will see mobile mode if we detect your device as a mobile device.
  • Look and Feel of Full Mode. The colour scheme, and overall look and feel have been preserved as much as possible to keep the Neoseeker experience consistent.

[edit] Exiting Mobile Mode

You can force the Full mode of the forums by clicking the "Exit Mobile Mode" link in the footer of every forum page.

[edit] Devices Autodetected

Most devices should be auto detected including:

  • Blackberry (all models)
  • iPod Touch, iPhone (all generations)
  • Android devices
  • PSP (starting May 14 2010)
  • Nintendo DSi/3DS
  • Palm devices using WebOS
  • PalmOS
  • Nokia devices including Symbian devices
  • Wii/Wii-U
  • many other devices

[edit] iPad and Tablets

The iPad is not considered a mobile device even though it uses mobile Safari, and will not show the mobile mode of Neoseeker. As other tablets are released we will exclude them from mobile mode as well.

[edit] Getting your device added

If you have a device that has a small resolution screen but you cannot see the mobile mode of the forums, please file a report in the forum here:

Requests, Feedback and Suggestions forum

You must supply your user agent string and describe the device. You can find your user agent string here:

Look for the user agent at the top, as illustrated below


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