Neoforums FAQ


[edit] Is the forum free to use? Is registration free?

The forum is free to use. Registration is also free. Registration is also safe - we will not disclose any individual information to anyone without your permission.

[edit] Can I participate without registering? Why should I register?

Registration is not required to participate in the forums, in fact, some of our regulars have not registered. However, registering allows you to build up a profile, get custom titles, and also submit a profile picture - just cool things that make your forum experience more personal and fun.

[edit] How do I use markup code? HTML doesn't seem to work?

We currently do NOT allow regular HTML in the forum postings. However, the neoforum software uses special mark-up codes just like UBB and other popular forum software. Basic functions like bolding, italicizing, linking to URLs, and adding images are all supported. For details on how to use the markup code, refer to the mark-up tag help page.

[edit] What are those titles like "neo-newbie" or "mad messenger" underneath a user's name?

Those are the user ranks. Your user rank depends on the number of posts you have made. The icons in your forum post are colour coded depending on your user rank. Below is a table showing the order of user ranks, as well as which ranks you have to reach to start having each set of icons.

Title Posts Icon Colors
unwashed heathen (guest) -
Profile ico orange.gifNeohome ico orange.gif Msg ico orange.png
Neo-newbie 0
newseeker 10
Neophyte 20
not-such-a-newbie 35
starting to like it 50
forum junky 75
just getting started! 100
dangerous 150
no-stoppin-me-now 200
mad messenger 275
forum fever 350
neologist 400
gone postal 450
member: postin' posse 500
Profile ico yellow.gifNeohome ico yellow.gif Msg ico yellow.png
threadnought 575
high on "N" 700
seek-o-holic 850
true seeker 1000
Profile ico white.gifNeohome ico white.gif Msg ico white.png
ultra seeker 1250
s-e-e-k-e-r 1550
true seeker (2K Remix) 2000
Profile ico sand.gifNeohome ico sand.gif Msg ico sand.png
Two much Neo 2222
Resident Neo 2500
Still Seekin' 3250
Hooked on Neo 4000
Profile ico pink.gifNeohome ico pink.gif Msg ico pink.png
N'Somniac 4600
Seeketh Maximus 5000
Neolithic 6000
Profile darkgreen.gifNeohome ico darkgreen.gif Msg ico darkgreen.png
Neo or Bust 7000
NeoXtreme 8000
Relentless 9000
Are we there yet? 9750
Neoholic 10000
Profile ico purple.gifNeohome ico purple.gif Msg ico purple.png
Neo: Essential 11500
Permanently Plugged In 13000
Legendary Seeker 15000
Profile ico lightgrey.gifNeohome ico lightgrey.gif Msg ico lightgrey.png
True Addiction 17500
CruisiN' 20000
Profile ico black.gifNeohome ico black.gif Msg ico black.png
Neolife 22500
Purely Neo 25000
Profile ico transparent.gifNeohome ico transparent.gif Msg ico transparent.png
Eternal 27500
Elite Seeker 30000
Into... Legend 35000
Ultimate 40000
Can't touch this 50000

[edit] What is a sig? How do I get one of my own?

A "sig" or "signature" is a portion of text that can be appended to messages posted by a forum member. For instance, you can sign off all your messages with a nifty quote, or else include a cool pic to add some personalization to your posts.

To add a sig, go to forum preferences and type in the text of your signature into the input box. Also, make sure that you select "Yes" under the heading "Select Signature by Default" on the same page so that your sig will show up by default on your posts.

Note that you can use the mark up tags in your signature. So you can bold, italicize, and add image links to add some spice to your sign-off.

[edit] What is the "weighting" system used to determine maximum sig length?

As of v0.4.0 of the neoforum software, signature lengths have been significantly upgraded to allow for more variety, with less chance of abuse. Signatures are now measured by their "weight" as opposed to their character length.

This new "weighting" system allows signatures with more text, more markup, and more variety while maintaining a certain balance.

Signature weight:

  1. each regular character is 1 point.
  2. markup tags count for nothing, except for the color tag and div tag.
  3. URLs that link to Neoseeker count for nothing, even when used in [img] tags.
  4. each line break is an additional 3 points.
  5. more than 3 linebreaks adds 50 points. Every linebreak after 4 lines that adds 15 points.
  6. each image has a base weight of 15.
  7. each image larger than 20 height adds 25 points.
  8. each image larger than 30 height adds 50 points.
  9. images larger than 50 height add 100 points.
  10. images larger than 75 height add 135 points.

Under this new system, you can actually link properly to multiple favourite threads or forums and still include a reasonable amount of text in your signature. Try and mix around different tags to get a cool signature.

[edit] How do people add images to their posts?

There is a markup tag that allows you to link to any external image. The tag is similar to the html tags, and look like this:


For more details, refer to the mark-up tag help page.

Some people include an image markup tag in their sig, which might be what you are thinking about when you want to add a pic.

[edit] How do I get those pictures under my name in the forum posts?

Those small pictures, often called avatars or profile pictures, are submitted by members. To have your own custom avatar show up in the forums, you must first have a graphic in .jpg, .gif or .png format that's no larger then 80x80 pixels and 350KB in filesize. To upload your graphic, Edit your profile while logged in (look under the Edit User Bio/Picture option. From that screen, simply browse to the graphic and submit the forum. Once a graphic has been uploaded, make sure that you check your Forum Settings and Preferences to see whether you have selected "YES" to "Include Profile Pic in Forum postings". After everything is done, make sure you refresh your browser to load the image.

[edit] How come I can't change my avatar/profile pic?

When you change your avatar, and yet the image does not change in the actual forum itself, you may be looking at a cached copy of your old graphic. Try refreshing the page you are on, or else empty the browser cache manually.

[edit] How come some people have a funky title underneath their name?

Those are custom titles. These titles are reserved for members who have a minimum number of posts.

[edit] How can I get my own custom title?

Any member with over 50 posts can obtain a custom title by clicking on the Forum Settings and Preferences link while signed in. The Forum Settings and Preferences page has a "Custom Title" field that will automatically become available once you reach 50 posts. Save your forum title by clicking on "Finish" when done.

[edit] How come sometimes I post something and it doesn't add to my post count?

As of version 0.1.5e, the forums no longer count posts which contain fewer then 32 characters of text. Starting from version 0.1.7, this number has been increased to 72 characters of text.

Quotes and smileys do not count towards the character total of a post.

[edit] How do I become a moderator?

Moderators are picked out by the current Supermods and Category Moderators. It is possible to apply for a moderator position, so that you can explain to this team why you would be a good fit, however it is not required to apply to be considered for a position. That being said, it certainly doesn't hurt your chances and if you really want to moderate a specific forum it would be wise to apply.

For more information on the process of becoming a moderator, or what is looked for in a candidate, see the Moderator Requests page. Any questions can be asked in the Moderator Requests Q&A thread, where they will be answered by current Supermods.

[edit] What is a Supermoderator?

A Supermoderator is someone that can moderate in every forum in the site. Aside from having Moderator powers in all forums, they also have the power to add/demote moderators, issue permanent bans, disable certain features and more besides. They are the ones who deal with more serious complaints and issues, including requests for review of sitewide bans and investigations into sitewide member and moderator conduct. A list of which Supermoderators are active can be found here.

[edit] Can I change my name? How do I change my name?

Users cannot change their own usernames, however, the administration can perform name changes under certain circumstances. As of June 2002, new members can have their name changed for free, a Name Change fee will apply for most other cases. Click here for details.

[edit] Where is the forum for...?

If you are looking for a game specific forum, try using our search engine. Type a part of the title of the game. Then, instead of clicking on the game title, click on the "forums" or "discussions" link.

[edit] What is NeoPM?

NeoPM stands for Neo Private Messaging. This is basically a notes system that allows members to send private messages to each other. Members can create a list of NeoFriends to whom they NeoPM frequently. For more details and questions please refer to the NeoPM FAQ thread in the forums.

[edit] What is my.neoforum?

my.neoforum is a custom start page for the Neoseeker forums. Only members have access to my.neoforum. As a member, you can save other members as NeoFriends, and also save forums into your Favourite Forums list. my.neoforum then acts as a central location from which you can check out all your Favourite Forums, see which of your NeoFriends are logged in, and check your NeoPM status.

[edit] What are the Terms of Service and rules for conduct and proper etiquette?

Check out this page for our Terms of Service (TOS). In terms of etiquette, any constructive conversation is open game. Read the TOS and you will see the nitty gritty on what is acceptable and what is not.

[edit] What about your privacy policy?

For our privacy policy, refer to this link: Neoseeker Privacy Policy.

[edit] What should I do if I see an abusive or offensive post?

If you are a forum member, you can help keep our community a safe and fun environment by reporting abusive or offensive posts to the moderators. To do this, simply click on the report link found on the bottom right of every post. If you have the proper permissions, you can even move the entire message into a "moderation queue." Once in the queue, a local mod or a supermod is notified with regard to the message. Use this only if the post is highly offensive or seriously in breach of our TOS/Rules of conduct!!!

[edit] Where can I get more help?

For more help on using the site and the forums that is NOT covered by this FAQ, visit the Site/Forums Help and QA Forum. Many veteran Neoseekers will be happy to help you with any additional questions you might have.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please see our Site/Forums Help and QA Forum and post for help there.

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