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Neoforums supports tagging of threads. To tag a thread when you create it, enter the tags under the "Tags" field during thread creation.

Tags can only be added or edited by the thread creator and moderators.

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[edit] Tags autofill

Tags auto fill with previously enterred tags to help make tagging easier.

[edit] Prefilling tags on Thread Creation Form

As of neoforums 1.0.10, you can prefill the tags field when creating a new thread by adding the tags GET query string into the post thread URL. eg:

This allows forum members and moderators to link to URLs in forum and thread headers and within messages that help members to create threads prepared with tagging to help organize posts of certain types.

Some usages for prefilling tags include:

  • Providing links that help pre-organize threads for Clan related discussions (eg tag threads with your clan name).
  • Providing links that help organise threads of certain topics together within a forum (eg Generations of Pokemon in Pokemon forums).
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