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Neoseeker uses custom forum software known as Neoforums. The software is coded and maintained by the site administrators. Neoseeker is also able to expand its forum database every day, thanks to the unique contribution system which lets members create forum profiles, for which they are awarded with NeoPoints. As of Monday, September 8th, 2008, the version of neoforums software is version 0.9.4. There are forums for every game, book, and movie profile on the site as well as Lounge forums (Loungin', Movies, Television, Music, Sports, and more), Special Interests forums (Books & Literature, Anime, Wrestling, and many more) and Site-Related forums, in which members can ask questions about, request changes to be made for, or report bugs occurring on Neoseeker.

Another integral feature of the forums is the ability to place offensive posts in a moderation queue for moderators to review. Members with over 50 posts can also take the offending post completely out of view, but only should do if it's necessary.

[edit] Private Message System

In October 2010 a new Private Message System was introduced that made private message conversations operate like private threads. This new PM Thread system still works just like the old system in that members can still send and receive private messages to and from other Neoseeker members. PM's won't have to be saved to the sent folder and users won't have to try and reconstruct messages by browsing through multiple PM's. All the PM's sent within a thread can be viewed on a single page and new messages appear as a response to that thread.

Instead of sending a PM to multiple recipients as was done in the old system, with private message threads users can be invited to join in and participate in the same PM thread. Participants can be invited by the thread creator or any other participant in the conversation. However, the PM thread creator can set the invites to only be allowed by themselves or the original users the PM was sent to.

PM threads can either be deleted or a user can simply leave a conversation. Both do the same thing, however, if a user leaves a conversation that user will no longer receive future replies to that PM thread.

A new inbox was also added to the NeoPM system for deleted messages. This inbox will hold messages that have been deleted but have had activity within the last 90 days.

The new limit on PM threads is set at 1000. While this may seem lower than the previous limit of 2500, it actually allows for more messages. Each thread can hold 100 messages for a total storage of 100,000 messages.

However, the PMs are not essentially 'private.' Administrators can access a member's PM inbox when necessary. This is only used in extreme cases, meaning that you can expect your PM to be viewed only by yourself and the recipient if it is within regulations.

[edit] User profiles

For each user there is a user profile that displays information about them self that the user has provided. Anyone can also view a user's last 10 forum posts and see their contributions to the site. If they wish, a user can sign another user's guestbook. As of 17 October, 2006, a participation page was added to the user profile pages to show the last neoportal page a member has edited, the last news articles that have been commented on, and last guestbooks signed.

Each member on Neoseeker is allowed to have their own NeoHome. A member can use limited HTML tags to produce their own mini-website that can be seen from their profile.

[edit] Moderators

[edit] Forum moderators

Some forums are so popular on Neoseeker that they may require a moderator. A Moderator is an appointed member that has the ability to lock, edit, or delete threads that they feel should not be in the forum. A moderator can "sticky" certain topics so that they will remain at the top of the forum no matter how many replies the thread may get. A moderator can also set an automatic deletion date for a thread. They also have the ability to ban mischievous members and guests.

Any user on Neoseeker can submit questionable posts to the Moderation Queue. This feature allows moderators to see flagged posts and they can quickly deal with forum clutter.

The list of moderators on Neoseeker is very large. Some moderators only have one or two forums to watch over, while some have five or even six to moderate at one time (not including super mods and section mods). Temporary moderators may also be appointed if a forum has a substantial amount of posts per day (PPD), and there is a moderator who is suitable for the position and accepts the offer to moderate it for a limited time.

[edit] Section moderators

Neoseeker has forums for all popular gaming consoles and games. The games are split into different genres (Action and Arcade, Simulation, Sports and Racing, and others) These different genre categories are known as sections. In some cases, a member may be a moderator for a specific section, giving that user moderation powers in all forums of that section.

[edit] Super moderators

There are some members who have moderation powers in all forums. These users can promote other moderators and have abilities beyond that of a standard moderator. Their main duties are to help other members on Neoseeker and to deal with site problems. The current Super Moderators are:

Previous super moderators include:

[edit] Undercover moderators

Undercover Moderators have the same forum permissions as super moderators but do not have their status shown on the forums. Edit notes in messages do not bear their name and they do not hold a moderator title. The identity of undercover moderators are known only to members of the administration.

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