Neo with Friends

Since the "with Friends" series of games is gaining quite a bit of popularity across some Neoseeker forums, a good way to have with one another is to start games and/or tournaments. The list below should include members from a variety of forums such as the Android general discussion forum and the iForum.

The game is free to download on iOS and on the Android marketplace, or free to play on Facebook (depending on the game, some are not always multiplatform).

[edit] Username Database

Feel free to add your own username to the database!

Member Name "with Friends" User ID
Aura Ayriak
Enhance Finkinator5000
Golden Miru warrior astronate
Justin JustinLittle22
Kaiba Kaiba2
LOD-squa LOD-squa
Nagare Salo2k9
Toby Toby
tommex Tommex
walnuts zyngawf_25896096
Wilhelm Ryan Wilhelm_Ryan
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