Neoseeker Changelog History and Timeline

This is a community generated and maintained list of important events that take place in Neoseeker's history. When adding things to the list keep in mind the idea that things located here should be important and substantial to the community and not just a particular member. Use good judgment for what should and shouldn't be added.

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[edit] 1999

? Redemption makes a pitch to create a hardware/gaming enthusiast centric website.
Jun ? The name "Neoseeker" is brainstormed. Inspired by "Neo Geo" gaming system.
Jun 25 The domain name is registered.
Oct 8 Neoseeker opens to the public.

[edit] 2000

Oct ? The forums were opened to the public.
Mar 2 Redemption creates the first account.

[edit] 2001

Jan 31 Forum Search, Site News Updates.
Feb 16 Search Engine Update.
Feb 19 Neomonitor: Email updates for Cheats and Walkthroughs.
Mar 10 Classic Cheats/Walkthroughs Browsing.
May 11 Hardwareseeker Opens.
Jun 8 New Forums: X-box/Gamecube/Gameboy Advance
Jun 14 Neoforums upgraded to version 0.1.5.
Jun 22 Search Engine Upgrade
Jul 19 18 New Smilies added for use in forum posts.
Aug 1 Two iconic features, my.neoforum and NeoPM are launched with neoforums v0.2.0.
Aug 22 Two new pages: IT Career Center and Contest page.
Aug 30 New forums added: Anime and Movie/Films.
Aug 31 Forum upgrades to v0.2.0
Oct 1 Forum upgrades to v0.3.0.
Nov 23 Forum Directory Enabled.
Dec 6 Forum updates to v.0.3.4.

[edit] 2002

Mar 8 New server change.
Mar 15 Upgrades to v.0.4.7.
Mar 15 Hardwareseeker moved to new servers.
Mar 18 Xboxseeker is announced.
Mar 18 PS2seeker and other subsites moved to new servers.
Mar 22 VeGiTAX2 and Jeevan promoted to super mods.
Mar 28 Minor forum upgrade to v.0.4.9.
Apr 2 GameCubeseeker and new GCN mini icon.
Apr 3 Announcing Hardware Pricetracking.
May 30 Forum updates to v0.5.0.
Oct 28 Interim new server: Merced.
May ? Runescape forums opened

[edit] 2003

Jun 14 NeoHQ moved into new office buildings.
Jul 02 Public is informed that General Help Threads aren't allowed.
Aug 6: Kaotic/Rollingpimp becomes the first Neo Emcee Lightweight/Middleweight Title champion

[edit] 2004

Jan 12 Hawkeye (known as Phantasy_Lord back then) becomes the first Neo Emcee Featherweight champion
Feb 14 bobbonew and flipper2099 release NURV - Neoseeker Image Uploader
Apr ? Post history is removed.
Apr 28 Movies section is now open.
Aug 3 The very first NeoPortal is opened: The Doom Neoportal.

[edit] 2005

Mar 30 ViscousSpike becomes the First Neo Emcee Heavyweight champion
Jun 6 Metal Gear NeoPortal released.
Jun 25 Metroid Neoportal released.
Jun 30 Sonic portal released.
Jul 8 Official Neoforum logo is announced.
Jul 20 Football Manager NeoPortal Released
Sep 2 Family Guy NeoPortal Released.
Sep 4 Neoseeker's Wikipedia article goes live for the first time.
Sep 23 Devil May Cry NeoPortal Released
Oct 6 Resident Evil NeoPortal Released
Oct 21 Redemption announces Neoseeker T-Shirts.
Nov 4 Vito Raliffe is promoted to Portal Administrator.
Nov 19 Animal Crossing Neoportal released.
Dec 1 Simpsons NeoPortal Released
Dec 29 Ratchet & Clank NeoPortal Released

[edit] 2006

Jan 3 Deathman48, Ren Of Heavens, Sonic Flash get promoted to Super Moderators.
Jan 7 GFXcess launched.
Mar 5 Zelda portal gets released.
Apr 16 Felony and Timber Wolf put Loungin' under Martial Law for a good sized forum sweep.
May 14 The Latin/Hispanic Countries forum is created. Mishtram inaugurates the newborn forum with a warm welcome at 11:16 pm.
Jun 6 Harvest Moon NeoPortal Launched.
Aug 1 The Africa forum makes its debut. Introducing himself, Loyal 2 Da Game creates the first thread at 7:20 am.
Sep 26 teodortenchev is promoted to Portal Administrator.
Oct 29 Graphics Battles forum opens.
Nov 11 Participation page on profiles gets added.
Nov 15 jespomo makes history by being the first person to be interviewed by The L Thing in the Neo Interviews thread.

[edit] 2007

Jan 15 24 NeoPortal launched.
Jan 27 Neo Emcee's Open Mic moves from Music sub-forum to Special Interests category.
Feb 14 Felony and Keiichi are promoted to Super Moderator status.
Feb 24 Member Directory filter options added and Fanart.neo officially launched.
Feb 27 Inuyasha Neoportal Released.
Mar 17 Loungin's 1,000,000th Post.
Mar 30 Neoseeker Yahoo Pool League Created.
Apr 13 The official launch of GameGrep.
May 7 Release Neoforums 0.9.0 is released.
May 8 Exploring the Supernatural becomes the Paranormal Forum.
May 9 Digimon portal was launched and open to public.
May 9 World Of Warcraft Portal Released to public, without skin.
May 11 Digimon Portal released to public
May 18 Redemption announces game and movie concept art as contributions.
May 31 Star Wars Portal gets a dummy.
May 31 Neoseeker celebrates it's 15000000th post.
Jun 3 Neoseeker Timeline created
June 5 Status Ranks are Changed, New Profile Colours Added.
July 3 World Of Warcraft Portal gets skin.
July 17 Neoseeker gets hacked.
July 20 Neoseeker's threads restored after minor hack.
July 27 Neoseeker gets hacked again, although not as bad as last time.
Aug 18 The Web Scripting forum it's changed to "HTML/CSS and NeoHome forum", and there's a new forum called "Web Coding".
Sep 15 Neoseeker hits its 1 millionth thread.
Sep 28 The Moderator Elimination Game is created, it being the precursor to the Moderator Hurt and Heal.
Sep 29 The first Moderator Hurt and Heal game begins with 105 contestants.
Oct 27 RabidChinaGirl joins as part of new focus on news and reviews.
Nov 20 Superfast Oz and Daisy are promoted to Super Moderator status.
Nov 27 Neoseeker Moderator Hurt and Heal ends, with Daisy the winner, and LandiSama runner-up.
Dec 4 vFAQ's are launched
Dec 16 The Complaints And Reports forum gets closed to the public.

[edit] 2008

Jan 28 Avalith is promoted to Portal Administrator
Feb 2 NeoHome Awards 2008- Nominations begin!
Mar 6 chautemoc joins staff as part of new emphasis on news, reviews, wikis.
Nov 15 Deathsythe is promoted to Wiki Administrator

[edit] 2009

Jan 23 Q22 and Solitaire are promoted to Super Moderators.
May 5 Mr Gray is promoted to Super Moderator.
May 29 Neoforum v0.9.6 released and post history returns.
Aug 7 Neoforum v0.9.7 released
Sep 28 Full account merges are now available.
Oct 28 The Xbox LIVE Community gets a refresh.
Nov 27 Mister MacPhisto and ViNCeNZo are promoted to Super Moderators.
Dec 4 Neoforums v0.9.8 released.

[edit] 2010

Jan 13 GameGrep gets a redesign and upgrade, and Neoforums v0.9.9 released.
Feb 9 Fanart is redesigned, upgraded and searchable.
Mar 4 PrometheusX303 is promoted to Wiki Administrator
Apr 7 Neoseeker gets connected to Facebook and Twitter.
Apr 6 Neoforums v0.9.10 released.
May 1 The Neoseeker Podcasts begin.
May 13 The Toro Skin was added to the wikis
June 10 Neoseeker Mobile Mode is completed.
Jun 14 NeoHome WYSIWYG editor is completed.
Jul 5 Andy is promoted to Wiki Administrator.
Jul 5 New 'Management' Structure added to the wikis.
Jul 8 Chad was promoted to Super Moderator.
Jul 23 Neoforums v0.9.11 released.
Sep 1 PokéLounge opens.
Sep 3 bobbonew was promoted to Super Moderator.
Sep 20 Lone Warrior is promoted to Super Moderator.
Oct 14 Neoforums v1.0.0 is launched featuring a change to PM Threads, and Notifications from Mentions and Quotes.
Nov 5 Neoforums v1.0.2 is launched featuring selectable profile icon colors, PM thread fixes and 25 new smilies.
Nov 9 Neoseeker reaches 30,000,000 posts!

[edit] 2011

Jan 7 Q22 was promoted to Super Moderator again.
Jan 18 ChiroVette was promoted to Super Moderator.
Feb 10 neoforums v1.0.3 was released, adding working Notifications from private forums, Ajax preview of PM and thread replies.
Feb 10 Blogs updated with Archives and Search.
Mar 2 neoforums v1.0.4 release, with true quick edit (doesn't reload page) and notifications when someone friends you.
Apr 12 Books Section styles were changed to match the rest of site.
Apr 13 Gotenks and Whelan were promoted to Wiki Super Admin.
Apr 14 Reason was promoted to Wiki Super Admin.
May 10 Social Signin was added to Neoseeker.
Jun 29 neoforums v1.0.7 announced, image auto sizing and thread tagging.
July 21 Dragoon was promoted to Wiki Super Admin.
Sept 8 neoforums v1.0.8 released, featuring totally new [code] tag, Quick Reply for guests, and controversial change of online icon.
Sep 9 Hraefn was promoted to Super Moderator.
Sep 27 Neoseeker reaches 32,000,000 posts!
Oct 2 Sonic Flash was promoted to Super Moderator again.
Oct 14 neoforums v1.0.9, featuring improved directory search, PM thread link changes, and moderator upgrades is released.
Nov 22 In Motion was promoted to Wiki Super Admin.

[edit] 2012

Mar 5 Dynamite promoted to Super Moderator
Mar 15 neoforums v1.5.0, featuring Membercards, Pinned Forums, Notifications Improvements, and more is released.
Apr 26 Neoseeker reaches 33,000,000 posts!
Nov 24 Lesley Pro_04 was promoted to Wiki Super Admin!
Dec 7 All NeoWikis converted from Toro to the new BlueBird skin

[edit] 2013

Mar 19 Lorx promoted to Super Moderator
Aug 28 Gotenks promoted to Super Moderator
Nov 19 NeoForums v1.8.0 Released with the long sought-after addition of Poll Threads
Dec 12 NeoForums v1.9.0 Released

[edit] 2014

Nov 19 NeoForums v1.9.5 Released with the brand new forum index, new forum header dropdowns for popular forums, and PM edit
Feb 20 Neoforums v2.0 released - with a complete mobile mode update including slide out menu and redesigned major pages.
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