Neo Tabs

NeoTabs are specialized tabs, similar to the ones used in Game/Movie profiles on Neoseeker. These tabs link to other profile areas such as Screenshots, Concept Art, Reviews, FAQs, Cheats, Videos, Boxshots, and if available the series NeoWiki.

These tabs also find a use on Wiki pages such as game pages to make them function as connectors to the main site. Adding these NeoTabs on NeoWikis allows greater connectivity with Neoseeker and quicker access to individual game forums for continued support.

[edit] How Do I Use Them?

To use NeoTabs efficiently you need to visit the Game Profile such as Dark Void and grab the end of the profile url:

In this case it would "dark_void". You then use this code to put that on a wiki page like:


And it will show the tabs for the specified profile.

Here are the tabs for the above example:

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