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The NeoRaffle is an annual auction/raffle event held in the Loungin' forum. During the event, members of Neoseeker will be able to put items of their choosing up for raffle or auction which other users can bid on or buy raffle tickets for using their available currency. A user's currency is calculated from the sum of their various contributions to the site such as post count, NeoPoints, GameGrep points and Wiki edits. At the end of the event, winners of raffle items are determined randomly from those who bought raffle tickets and winners of auctions are the highest bidder for the lot at the time the event closes.


[edit] NeoRaffle Phases

As of 2014, the NeoRaffle will operate in 3 distinct phases:

  • Phase 1: User Registration: During this phase, users will be able to register with the system and receive their points total for the event. Once a user has registered, their total currency will be fixed from that point.
  • Phase 2: Item Registration: After the user registration process, users will then be able to offer items to be auctioned or raffled. Users not registered in phase 1 will still be able to offer items but they will not be able to take part in buying/bidding.
  • Phase 3: Buying and Bidding: All users registered during phase 1 will be able to participate in buying raffle tickets and bidding on auction items.

The 3 phases will be held in separate threads so it will be clear what phase the event is in. The schedule will be posted prior to the event so everyone is aware of when phase transitions will occur. As of 2014, each phase will last for a period of 7 days.

[edit] How It Works

User Registering with the NeoRaffle 2014 System

With the 2014 system, users will interact with the auction system by notifying a special bot account which will keep track of user/item registrations and bids.

The necessary commands to perform the operation you want will be available from within the opening post of the raffle thread and it's simply a case of including those in your post within the designated thread.

[edit] Currency

A user's total currency available to spend in the event as of the 2014 NeoRaffle is calculated from the following sources:

  • Post Count (Maximum: 20,000)
  • NeoPoints (Maximum: 2,000)
  • GameGrep Points (Maximum: 2,000)
  • Wiki Edits (Maximum: 2,000)

Additionally, for every item that a user contributes as a raffle/auction lot in the NeoRaffle they will be awarded with 250 bonus points up to a maximum of 1,000 (or 4 items.)

[edit] Allowed Items

Nearly anything and everything can be put up by users in the raffle as long as it is legal and within the boundaries of the Neoseeker rules. Popular examples include users offering their skills to create custom graphics for others, offering old video games which they no longer play or even offering themselves as a "NeoSlave" for a defined period of time. Occasionally site staff may offer free name changes, a complimentary Neoseeker Plus subscription or even an elusive Neoseeker t-shirt!

[edit] Technical Details/Source

All elements of the 2014 NeoRaffle are coded in Python. The web elements utilize the Django web framework. The database backend is powered by MariaDB.

The main NeoRaffle Python module is open-source and free for others to use as they wish in future. See here for the complete code. Retrieval of data from Neoseeker posts and the post outputs are handled by the multi-purpose Salem bot which interacts with the NeoRaffle module via a plugin.

The source and architecture of Salem cannot be released as its primary purpose is to perform sensitive administrative operations, however the plugin responsible for fetching NeoRaffle data specifically can be found here which may be useful for reference.

[edit] Past Raffles

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