Neo Awards


Currently run by the Neo Award account, the annual Neo Awards is a poll in which members are voted into categories such as favorite 'seeker, best NeoHome, favorite moderator or favorite avatar. Formerly taking place in both the summer and fall of each year, now annually, the awards usually last about a month and, once counted, the final poll is displayed to the public.


[edit] Rules

  • No self-nomination or voting.
  • Only one nomination and vote per member. Cheating with alternate accounts will result in disqualification from the Awards.
  • Any accounts created after the posting of the competition are excluded.

[edit] Categories

Note that these may or may not be included

  • Favorite Male
  • Favorite Female
  • Most Creative Seeker
  • Most Helpful Seeker
  • Most Intelligent Seeker
  • Nicest Seeker
  • Funniest Seeker
  • Most Inspiring Seeker
  • Overall Best Seeker
  • Most Insane Seeker
  • Best Forum
  • Most Memorable Moment
  • Most Surprising Moment
  • Favorite Moderator
  • Favorite Avatar
  • Favorite Banner / Signature
  • Favorite Custom Title
  • Favorite Thread
  • Favorite 2008 Quote
  • Favorite NeoHome
  • Favorite Newcomer
  • Favorite Artist (Art Central & Writer's Lounge)
  • Favorite Digital Artist (Graphics and Animation)

[edit] Nominating

Some rules in regards to nominating:
  • The voting form is to be kept as displayed. Altercations will result in disqualifications.
  • You can submit up to two nominations per category.
  • Categories may be left blank.
  • Any entity created after the nominations begin are excluded from the awards.

Category specific notes:
  • Though links to forums, threads, wiki's ect are appreciated they're not mandatory for your vote or nomination.
  • Nether "Favorite Category" or "Favorite Banner/Signature" require a link to the image. All that is required is the members name.
  • Both "Favorite Custom Title" and "Favorite 2008 Quote" require the quote/custom title to be provided using the quote markup and it's originator.
  • The "Favorite Newcomer" category requires the members first account to be created before August of 2007.
  • The "Favorite Oldie" category requires the membesr first account to be created before August of 2004.

[edit] Past Neo Awards

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