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The NavMenu shows up at the top of a wiki that uses the NeoWiki Toro skin. It allows users to easily navigate the wiki. Anyone can modify the menu unless it's locked by a staff/admin as it's a template, found at Template:NavMenu

An example of the NavMenu, found on the Scott Pilgrim wiki:
Scott Pilgrim's NavMenu


[edit] Usage

[edit] Basic NavMenu

* [[Mario]]
* [[Luigi]]
* [[Princess Peach]]
* [[Bowser]]
* [[Toad]]
* [[Yoshi]]
* [[Wario]]
* [[Waluigi]]

* [[Super Mario Brothers]]
* [[Super Mario Bros. 3|Super Mario Brothers 3]]
* [[Super Mario 64]]
* [[Super Mario Galaxy]]
* [[Super Mario Galaxy 2]]

[edit] Submenus

* [[Scott Pilgrim]]
* [[Ramona Flowers]]
* [[:Cateory:Ex-Boyfriends|Ex-Boyfriends]]
** [[Matthew Patel]]
** [[Lucas Lee]]
** [[Todd Ingram]]
** [[Roxie Richter]]
** [[:Category:Katayanagi_Brothers|Katayanagi Brothers]]
*** [[Ken Katayanagi]]
*** [[Kyle Katayanagi]]
** [[Gideon]]

[edit] Guidelines

  • The first element must be in an li and it must be a link
  • Do not add an ending li for the first element; MediaWiki will add it in for you, it will only do it for this first one
  • Your list of links must be put into a ul

[edit] Legacy NavMenu

Note: You should NOT use this method for any new NavMenu's! it is much harder to use because it forces you to write HTML that can get complicated with Submenus. This is left here for reference.

[edit] Basic NavMenu

	<li>[[Princess Peach]]</li>

	<li>[[Super Mario Brothers]]</li>
	<li>[[Super Mario Bros. 3|Super Mario Brothers 3]]</li>
	<li>[[Super Mario 64]]</li>
	<li>[[Super Mario Galaxy]]</li>
	<li>[[Super Mario Galaxy 2]]</li>

[edit] Submenus

		<li>[[Scott Pilgrim]]</li>
		<li>[[Ramona Flowers]]</li>
				<li>[[Matthew Patel]]</li>
				<li>[[Lucas Lee]]</li>
				<li>[[Todd Ingram]]</li>
				<li>[[Roxie Richter]]</li>
				<li>[[Ken Katayanagi]]</li>
				<li>[[Kyle Katayanagi]]</li>
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