This page is about all NeoWikis, not just the generic Neoseeker wiki known as the "NeoWiki" . The word "NeoWiki" is used to describe both the Neoseeker Wiki, as well as a term members have been using to describe a Game Specific Wiki hosted by Neoseeker using a custom modified MediaWiki installation.


[edit] History

In May, 2008 the NeoWiki's were launched as a replacement for the Neoportals. Because the portals could no longer be maintained for bugs/features it was decided on to switch to using MediaWiki and port over all the content from the portals.

The first true wiki to be created was the GTA Wiki. When the NeoWiki's first launched they ran on the MonoBook skin.

[edit] Toro

In May of 2010, the new skin Toro was announced and released to only a select few wikis to begin with. The Toro skin introduced new features,

  • Theming
  • Custom NavMenu
  • Mobile mode
  • NeoPM mini browser
  • Ability to embed wiki pages into the Neoforums

[edit] Helping out with NeoWikis

NeoWikis are meant to be repositories of Walkthroughs, tips, guides, and game lore. Please help us to make the NeoWikis some of the most complete and useful sources of information for your favourite games. To start, visit the Wiki Help forum to learn about some best practices, then head over to the NeoWiki list to find some Wikis that you might want to help out with!

[edit] Best Practices and Help

See also Category:Wiki Best Practices

[edit] Other Wiki Pages

[edit] NeoWikis and their creation date

To request a NeoWiki, visit the NeoWiki Requests forum.

Wiki Name Date Created
Viva Pinata Wiki May 13, 2008
Formula One Wiki May 1, 2009
Jak and Daxter Wiki May 1, 2009
Star Ocean Wiki Apr 15, 2009
(of) Mana Wiki Apr 15, 2009
Mother Wiki Mar 24, 2009
Eve Online Wiki Feb 20, 2009
Skate Wiki Jan 30, 2009
Tony Hawk Wiki Jan 26, 2009
RPG Maker Wiki Jan 26, 2009
Fatal Fury Wiki Jan 26, 2009
Chrono Wiki Jan 26, 2009
White Knight Chronicles Wiki Jan 21, 2009
Lord of the Rings Wiki Jan 10, 2009
Twisted Metal Wiki Jan 8, 2009
Spider-Man Wiki Jan 8, 2009
Diablo Wiki Jan 8, 2009
Ninja Gaiden Wiki Jan 1, 2009
Resistance (Fall of Man) Wiki Dec 3, 2008
Mass Effect Wiki Nov 24, 2008
Prince of Persia Wiki Nov 24, 2008
Boktai Wiki Nov 24, 2008
Tekken Wiki Nov 19, 2008
Fable (Fable 2) Wiki Nov 11, 2008
Fallout Wiki Nov 4, 2008
Death Note Wiki Nov 4, 2008
Phoenix Wright / Ace Attorney Wiki Nov 4, 2008
Golden Sun Wiki Nov 4, 2008
House MD Wiki Nov 4, 2008
Tales Wiki Oct 1, 2008
Breath of Fire Wiki Oct 1, 2008
Banjo Kazooie Wiki Oct 1, 2008
The World Ends With You Wiki Oct 1, 2008
Spyro Wiki Aug 13, 2008
Kirby Wiki Aug 13, 2008
Mortal Kombat Wiki Aug 13, 2008
FIFA Wiki Aug 13, 2008
Star Fox Wiki Aug 13, 2008
James Bond Wiki Aug 13, 2008
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