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The Toro skin is a custom MediaWiki skin used on the NeoWikis. It was designed by Xenctuary and implemented by tekmosis. The skin was officially launched on a select number of NeoWikis on May 13th, 2010.

It can be customised by the wikistaff of the wiki, with the use of the NeoTheme. Normal editors can create a skin and save it, to which they will be given a "themeid" code, however it can not be implemented by them. If given to the Wiki Staff of the wiki or a Wiki Super Admin, only then can it be added to the wiki. Currently all new and old wikis feature the Toro skin, phasing out the outdated Monobook. Monobook is now no longer an option in the users preferences.

Customised Wiki With Toro Skin
It also has an editable Navigation Bar placed on top of the wiki. Anyone can edit this due to it being a template (unless the staff or wikisuper has protected the page). It allows key pages to show by clicking any of the links in the Mav Menu and also provides a home for categorised content, furthermore made more accessible with the use of drop down menus for the reader to select from.

Recently it was updated with the Advanced Mode, giving the editors the option to either show the page tools via a drop down menu or show them aligned at the top of the wiki pages.

[edit] Key features

  • Fixed width layout to make the look of pages consistent for all users.
  • Mobile mode which renders a special mobile optimised version of a wiki page to phones and portable devices.
  • Dynamic, editor editable dropdown menus for superior navigation (see what the PES staff have done to take advantage of this.)
  • Moved the menu items to the right of content to emphasize the INFORMATION on each page.
  • clear out tabs so only the most used tabs are visible, again to emphasize the content.
  • NeoPM Minibrowser so that members can read and reply to PMs while working in the wikis without leaving the wiki pages.
  • Brand new skinning system to create unique styles for wikis without requiring code changes (all done via the skin system).

[edit] Origins

(Coming soon)

The skin was named after Toro, one of the official NeoCats!

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