NeoWiki Roles

Listed below is a generalization of the expected behaviour for each role. For those roles which are "tag" roles (roles in which a user may get a tag on the forum for, or that which requires "promotion" into) the outlined are expectations which should be met.


  • Majority of time spent reading content
  • Makes minor edits (typo fixes, adding small bits of information)


  • Same as guest
  • May spend a slightly more amount of time editing


  • Same as User and below
  • Is active and adding enough content to obtain the tag
  • Usually uploads images to go along with content
  • Utilizes tools such as categories and templates
  • Is fairly knowledgeable in the subject matter
  • Enthusiastic about contributing


  • Helps users and guests to move pages (general page maintenance)
  • Keeps an eye out for spam / page defacing


  • Same as a contributor and below
  • Ensures content is factual and legitimate
  • Keeps an eye out for spam / page defacing
  • Has their User: page filled with information about them / helpful info on the wiki
  • Starting to utilize tools such as <cat_to_neo> to integrate the wiki's into Neoseeker
  • Familiar with templates and uses them regularily
  • Helps levels below them if need be


  • Same as staff and below
  • Less emphasis on editing but shouldn't go completely "inactive"
  • Helps to promote the wiki throughout the Neoseeker community
  • Keeps the wiki as integrated as possible to Neoseeker using ALL tools at their disposal
  • Manages staff members by promoting and demoting as needed
  • May promote the wiki outside of the Neoseeker environment (not blatantly spamming other sites/wikis)
  • Goal is to make the wiki the best wiki (we're ok with 2nd or 3rd best) wiki out there


  • Less emphasis on editing but like admin, shouldn't go completely "inactive"
  • Helps to promote core wikis throughout the Neoseeker community, as well as upcoming/new wikis. May promote wikis outside of Neoseeker
  • Keeps an eye out for wikis with large potential (usually AAA game titles. eg: GTA)
  • Manages admins for each wiki; ensures that they are upholding their responsibilities
  • Keeps neostaff responsible for the wikis up to date on topics of concern
  • Looking out for bugs on the wiki (usability / visual skin bugs)
  • Maintain 'admin' responsibilities for wikis currently without an admin

[edit] Tag Roles

  • Expected to be in their respective IRC channel
    • Not a requirement but there should be no real excuse not to be on IRC
  • Actively participating on the Forums
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