NeoWiki Logos

Newly created NeoWikis do not have logos. If members wish to make a logo they must make them to the following specifications:

  • Dimensions: 180x92 pixels
  • Format: PNG with transparent background.
  • Filename: the filename does not matter, however once added to the wiki it will look like {WIKINAME}_toro_logo.png where {WIKINAME} is the subdomain of the wiki. For instance, NeoWiki's logo is fable_toro_logo.png. The ENTIRE FILENAME is in smallcaps.
  • Content: Must contain:
  1. the name of the NeoWiki (eg Final Fantasy)
  2. neoseeker's logo or the word Neoseeker (the logo can be recoloured and tweaked to fit the theme of the game's logo
  3. the thematic style of the game series

When you are ready with your logo please contact tekmosis via PM.

[edit] Example NeoWiki Logos

Fable wiki logo.png Animalcrossing wiki logo.png Disgaea wiki logo.png Zelda wiki logo.png Rockband wiki logo.png

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