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NeoPoints are given as a general reward to those who contribute to Neoseeker. They give you a general idea of the total contribution efforts of a member. Things like uploading screenshots, submitting game profiles, submitting cheats and FAQs, release dates, user reviews, all earn NeoPoints.

Though they don't have a purpose at the moment, its been stated they'll have their own role in the future.

[edit] Top Contributors

The site's top contributors are found on a list here.

[edit] Earning NeoPoints

Members who want to hunt for NeoPoints may want to check out the "Incomplete list" where you can find Game profiles to contribute toward and earn NeoPoints.

[edit] Contribution Types And NeoPoint Value

Contribution Type NeoPoint Value
Alternate Title 2
Author 1
Book 7
Book Media 1
Box scans 1
Cheat Device Code 2
Company Info 1
Complete Series 2
Complete Profile 7
Concept Art 1
Developer 1
Director 1
Easter Eggs 2
Fanart 5
Game Features* 5
Game Hardware Info* 5
Game Mod 5
Game Play* 5
Game cheat 2
Game FAQ 10
Game VFAQ 15
Movie 7
Movie Cast 5
Movie DVD Features* 5
Movie VHS Features* 5
Movie aspect ratio 1
Movie info 1
Movie length 1
Movie media 1
Movie rating 1
Perspectives 1
Players 1
Producer 1
Product URL 1
Profile Description* 5
Profile Wiki Description 0
Profile Minipic 3
Publisher 1
Release Date 2
Resource 1
Screenshot 1
Series Info 1
Similar Product 1
Themes 1
User Review 6
Video 1
Website 2

* Note: All contribution types that are marked with a red star are no longer in use. All of these have been replaced by the Profile wiki description type. All logged contributions for these fields from before the change will remain in user's contribution summary pages but it is no longer possible for users to gain more in these areas.

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