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Featured Suggestions: Featured Suggestions [written by: Hraefn]

Do you have a NeoBlog? Or a NeoGallery? You've certainly used the NeoPM feature a time or two to talk to your friends. A lot of the best features we use on Neoseeker started out as suggestions from the community. None of it would be possible without your help, so today we will be featuring some suggestions for you to give your support to — or, if you prefer, to oppose.

The Neo Gallery is a great way for members to upload and share photos and images, but it does have a few limitations. Members currently have limited control over the photo arrangement in their gallery albums, so a suggestion was made to allow members greater photo arrangement options. According to the suggestion, this feature would allow members to manually arrange the photos in their gallery to their liking.

Tired of having to clutter up your gallery page with multiple albums? For additional organizational control, there is also this suggestion proposing a feature that would allow members to organize their gallery images into albums, sub-albums, and folders. So instead of cluttering up your gallery with albums for every video game series out there, you can just drop them into an album or folder named "Video Games" and then just have a sub-album for each series.

For members with a lot of images in their gallery, mass tagging can be chore. Mass untagging is practically non-existent. This suggestion seeks to remedy that by adding a more flexible mass tagging and untagging feature — with such features as the ability to mass replace one tag with another and the ability to select by album for tagging or untagging, among others.

So those are the featured suggestions for this edition. Do you have a suggestion you would like to make or a feature you would like to see on Neoseeker? Perhaps the suggestion has already been made and it only needs your support. Visit the ReQuests, Feedback and Suggestions forum and find out!

Site News: New Update On The Way [written by: Enhance]

Expect to see Neoforums v1.0.8 hit the site soon with quite a few nifty and small updates. A few recent suggestions from RFS have been implemented in this latest update so make sure that you are always getting your suggestions in to help improve the site. You can also expect a redesign of the code tag to come in this update as well. The tag will now be using a new syntax highlighter that will make reading and distinguishing all the different languages much easier.

Also, for those of you that missed the update in Site News and Announcements, members can now help report comments on news articles, galleries, blogs, and fanart. This has been a long requested update to the site and should allow Neoseeker to keep on top of spam bots that can plague the comment system. Not like anyone wants to help that Nigerian Prince launder his money anyways. More information on this update can be found here.

Site News: Some Changes to Moderator Requests [written by: Hraefn]

We would like to announce a few changes to the Moderator Requests system. Nothing major, but these changes aim to encourage greater community participation in the moderator selection process. First up, there is a new Supermod-hosted Moderator Selection & A thread. What this means is that this time, answers to your questions about the moderator selection process will come from the super moderators themselves, with the occasional assistance of the resident RFS moderator. Please don't hesitate to ask about anything, no matter how small you may think it is -- whatever your questions, rest assured that the answers will come from the people actually involved in the process.

You can now also suggest a forum for moderator placement. Do you know of any forum in need of moderator but doesn't have one? Or perhaps there's a community that you think would benefit by having a moderator to help organize things. If you think there's a forum that you think meets the requirements for moderator placement, then please do click the link find out what you can do to help.

Community Events: 3DS users get ready! - A Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked contest arrives! [written by: Quierta]

Two new "Free Game" contests in one day has to be a new record! But don't quote me on that.

Either way, you can't complain when there's a new 3DS game on the line, and all you have to do to win it is post in the thread!... And meet the requirements, of course.

For your chance to win a Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked, head on over to this thread and read the instructions detailed in the first post.

Community Events: It's a Deus Ex Human Revolution Giveaway [written by: Quierta]

I'm sure you already know (considering it's a sitewide sticky), but for those of you who tend to overlook those things that are deemed "SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT," you might want to know about this newest contest to win a free game!

In this case, it's Deus Ex: Human Revolution; there's a trailer in the contest thread in case you're not sure what that is!

If you have a PC or a PS3 and are interested in this game then check out the thread for the rules on how to enter.

The deadline is September 9!

It's a Deus Ex: Human Revolution Giveaway

Community Events: LET'S GET MENTAL!! - A Serious Sam HD Contest [written by: Quierta]

The administration has gone crazy this month with not one, but three "Free Game" contests!

The most recent is a chance to win one of 5 Steam Codes for the Serious Sam HD PC game. As always, there is a trailer in the header of the main thread for anyone who wants to know more about it. The contest rules are posted in the thread for anyone who is interested. Check it out!

Main Thread -- LETS GET MENTAL!!! - A Serious Sam HD Contest

Community Events: Design A Superhero [written by: Crystal Rain]

Have you ever wanted to design a superhero?! Perhaps you already have one thought up in your head? Well this could be the opportunity for you. The Paranormal Forum is hosting a Paranormal Superhero Contest, which anyone is free to enter. The contest consists of a visual version of your superhero as well as a written explanation. You can use any medium including digitally-made, hand-drawn, sculpture, or anything else you can think of. The written part is fairly straight forward, with general information, and at least one super power and symbol required. Your superhero can either be entirely your own, or a fan-based creation. Be sure to check out the thread for more details and requirements.

The deadline has just been extended to September 10th, which should be enough time for everyone to get their entries in. Everyone who participates is able to vote on their two favourite entries (excluding their own). In fact, only participants are allowed to vote. Judging will end September 15th.

So if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, go check out the thread! If it's not, still stay tuned for next month's paper, in which hopefully the winners will be posted.

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