A list of the members that you have added as "friends".


[edit] Adding Friends

To add a friend you can either visit their profile or send a PM.

[edit] Via the profile

To add a NeoFriend via the profile you must visit their profile page. In the box containing the various profile links there is an option to "Add Friend", click that and the user will be added to your friends list.

Or you can choose to adapt the url to add a friend without visiting the profile:

Basic Url:

You must type in the members name after "user name="

[edit] Via PM

When sending a PM to any member the option to "Add to your NeoFriends List" is available by checking a box in the upper right of the PM box. Click that and send the PM and the user will be added to your NeoFriends list.

[edit] Adding Yourself

If you wish to add yourself to your NeoFriends list, just send a PM to yourself, and check the check box that says "Add To Your NeoFriends List". This is the only way you can add yourself.

[edit] Via my.neoforum

To add a friend this way click the "Add a new Friend" link below the offline list and enter the user names there.

[edit] Removing Friends

To remove friends you must visit my.neoforum and on the friends list select all the users you wish to remove, then click "remove selected"

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