Name Change Request Instructions

Free name changes for members who already have a working account older then 10 days are no longer allowed, period.

Any name change requests will now have to proceed as follows:
  1. Name changes, or transferring all of your account stats and messages to a new username, will now require a fee of $10USD.
  2. Make sure your username is NOT already taken. Try searching the member database.
  3. To have your name changed, you must either:
    1. Send us a check or money order for $10USD, with a letter explaining who you are (eg old username, email, and real name) and what your new username should be. Our address is here.
    2. Send us a payment through Paypal for $10USD (to, including a note with your user info and your new username request. Make sure you make it clear this is the Username Change Fee.



There are some cases where a free name change is available.

  • you have a new account (less then 10 days old) and you made a typo during your registration phase.
  • you are a FAQ author and you have changed your username on all your FAQs and on GameFAQs.
  • you are are a fan artist, heavy NeoWiki Contributor, or have a very impressive NeoGallery <-- READ DETAILS on who qualifies for this.

Full details on how you can submit your "Username Change Fee" can be found on the support page.

Taking Names from Very Old Accounts

Sometimes you may take the usernames from accounts that are completely defunct. The definition of a defunct account:

  • The account was created over 1yr ago and has not had any logins, posts, user reviews, or other content
  • The account was last used over 2yrs ago and has fewer than 10 forum posts or may have had very little activity.
  • The account must not have any FAQs/Walkthroughs attached to it (this counts as activity, but I added it for further clarification)

The above is just a general guideline, the administration has the final say on whether an account is defunct.

Why the change in policy

Both Entity and myself have been receiving MANY MANY name change requests - some ridiculous and some blatantly abusing the previous name change rules. These new regulations will serve to help reduce the number of frivolous requests or requests driven by whim and fancy. The fee will both deter these name changes, and also encourage members to help support Neoseeker, while also reducing the amount of disturbance and confusion caused by members who constantly change their names.

We're simply too swamped to field this many name change requests. Do not bother to PM me before having followed through with the exact procedures above. All other requests not following the procedures will be deleted.

Account "Merging"?

Due to repeated inquiries I am adding this new information on account "merges". Please do not be too excited, an account merge is nothing special, we only move your post count from one account to another - this costs the same as the Name Change fee. Your NeoPMs, actual message posts, NeoPoints, submissions, and guestbook entries go nowhere. We will also consider trading your join dates with other accounts that you control. Please do not ask us to copy a join date from one account to another, we will only MOVE the join dates, your old account will trade its join date with that of your new one. This is to preserve the natural balance of actual real join dates on the site. Account "Merges" are not something we encourage and we do not think users should attach importance to such things, it is offered because some users really really really need to "have" it. Please note also that we do not allow a person to lump together multiple requests for the Name Change fee, each item may be assessed separately for the fee.

Payment Options

  • Paypal to services at
  • Mail to our mailing address: money order, cheque, cash

Mailing address:

PO Box 27531
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 4M4

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