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NAMFox is a free extension to the Firefox web browser, created by Artificer and Superfast Oz. it is also the successor to the original program NAM. The current NAMFox version is v1.6.2.


[edit] NAMFox News and Insights

Artificer maintains a NAMFox Blog where he tags his NAMFox posts including release updates.

[edit] Features

Some of the features are:

[edit] Default Message

A default message can be stored using NAMFox and this message will appear in almost any text box or reply screen on Neoseeker as well as GameGrep.

[edit] Custom Messages

Up to fifteen (15) completely custom messages can be stored in NAMFox. This means that you can prepare various forms of mark-up to be used at later times in future posting. Custom messages can store text, links, and all the types of mark-up Neoseeker provides.

[edit] Enhanced Quick Reply

At the end of every page of every thread there is a quick reply box, by default it is ten (10) lines long and takes up 85% of the browser window. The default message will appear here as well as the options of:

  • Bold
  • Italicize
  • Underline
  • Link Name=
  • All custom messages
Note: When using quick reply the page will not refresh but your message will be displayed so post counts may vary.

[edit] Enhanced Quick Edit

At the thread page you can double click your post to make changes or double click another user's post to view their mark-up and text. You are also given the option to hide your edit tags which applies mark-up to them to keep from view.

[edit] AutoComplete

Autocomplete is a feature which predicts the mark-up you are typing in and shows a list of all Neoseeker mark-up, to apply the effect simply make sure the right mark-up is highlighted and press enter. To have this effect occur on highlighted text, press "ctrl+space" to have the autocomplete appear and navigate to your mark-up. Artificer has made a walkthrough on the AutoComplete feature, here.

[edit] Saving Sent PM's

When sending PM's you can automatically save your sent PMs.

[edit] Auto checking "PM read receipts"

When sending PM's this option is automatically checked.

[edit] Tag shortcuts

Are available via the autocomplete menu.

[edit] Discontinuation

On June 29, 2014 Artificer announced in a forum post that NAMFox had been retired.

[edit] Links

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