my.neoforum is essentially your forum start-up page. You can access my.neoforum from the top of the Neoseeker page. From this page you have access to the following:


[edit] NeoPM

With NeoPM you can send private messages to your added friends and other members with ease.

[edit] Profile Details

You can access your forum preferences and profile set-up page to edit your avatar, signature, biography, custom title, Neohome, board setting, etc.

[edit] Member Search

By clicking the tab at the top right you can search the entire Neoseeker database for members by:

  • Username
  • Location
  • Registration year
  • Last Login
  • Neohome

Once the search form is filled out, the results appear and you can visit the users profile page.

[edit] FAQ

By clicking the tab at the top right you can visit the Neoseeker [FAQ].

[edit] Neo Search

To perform a search fill in the box and hit enter to search all of Neoseeker.

[edit] Game Platforms

At the very top of the page there are many icons for the various game platforms which you can click to see the profile page with the top forums and game listings.

[edit] News

You have access to the latest Neoseeker News written by dedicated members.

[edit] Videos

You can search for game videos or upcoming trailers on the Neoseeker video database.

[edit] Reviews

Access is provided to the growing collection of hardware reviews.

[edit] Favorite Forums

When visiting forums at the very bottom you can select to "Add Favourite Forums". All forums added in this way appear in a list on your neohome which you can then filter to display:

  • All
  • Pinned: Shows forums that you set as pinned meaning they are the best of your favourite forums
  • Active: Shows forums with a good amount of activity
  • InActive: Shows forums with no or low PPD
  • Recently Visited: Shows forums you visited recently

[edit] My.Threads

Shows threads that you created, subscribed to, or had a recent reply in

[edit] Recently Viewed Threads

A list of the 15 most recent threads you visited

[edit] Friends List

A list of all the members that you added as friends on the site. You can send each of them PMs with ease or remove them from the list. The list is divided into on or offline.

[edit] A host of links

At the top and bottom of the page there are many many more links to outside sites as well as other pages on Neoseeker.

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