Moderator Requests

This document outlines the process that allows users to volunteer themselves to moderate a forum here at Neoseeker. It will state what we're looking for in an ideal candidate, explain the application procedure and provide the link for you to apply.



After a long period of having the moderator position closed to applications, we've decided to open it up once again and allow you to put yourself forward for positions here. Why now? Well, put simply, we're looking to shake things up around here and expand our moderation team with new blood to bring new ideas and approaches to the table and inject a new wave of enthusiasm in order to help Neoseeker continue to expand heading into the future. When thinking of ways to find such candidates, we thought who better to state your case for wanting to help out here than you yourself? So we figured why not resurrect the old idea of an application process, modernize it in order to bring it up to speed and make it better than it was in the past and re-launch it? That's exactly what we did and the fruits of our labour are now here before you!

What We're Looking For In A Candidate

When reviewing people for moderator positions, we're generally looking for the following traits:

  • Participation: You should be very active within the forum you're applying to moderate, posting there regularly and involving yourself in the community.
  • Community Building: The moderator position isn't just about closing threads and banning people. It's actually more of a community leadership and development role. For this reason we're always looking for candidates who have shown evidence of their community development skills by creating numerous new threads to keep the forum fresh and interesting for its members. Bonus points for evidence of you promoting Neoseeker using outside sources, perhaps by using your social media profiles to share links to interesting topics within the forum to make your friends aware of us, etc.
  • Time and Dedication: Tying in with the above point about community building, it's important you have sufficient time to dedicate to a moderator position here. We're not looking for people to be on Neo 24/7, quite the contrary actually as people who spend their lives online don't make for the most grounded individuals, but we do expect a high degree of participation in order to develop your forum and allow it to thrive under your stewardship as mentioned above.
  • Creativity and Humor: We're not looking for robots here who following everything to the letter who are major sticklers for the rules and lack common sense. We're looking for fun, well-rounded members who are integrated well within the community and who participate here first and foremost to relax and chill out with their friends online.

In addition to the above, there's also a few common-sense elements we look for which should be obvious. These include having good spelling and grammar, being friendly and polite, not violating the site rules, etc. This isn't an exhaustive list, but gives you an idea of the types of things we look for. Basically being an all-round positive member of whichever communities you're a part of would stand you in good stead.

About The Forum You Apply For

There's a couple of criteria the forum should meet before you apply as well:

  • Must Be Active: The forum should at least be active enough to warrant a community leader being promoted. You can't lead a community if the foundations of one don't even exist! Use your community building skills to create interesting threads and invite people to participate there to get things started! Ideally we're looking for forums to have at least 2 pages and a minimum of 10 PPD before we'd consider promoting someone as a moderator.
  • Not Already Moderated: Applications for boards that are already moderated will always be rejected straight away. Situations that call for additional co-moderators to be added to already moderated boards are handled internally.
  • Not A Section or Category: Applications for sections and categories are open to current moderators only, therefore we do not accept these requests through this process.

The Application Process

The application process itself differs slightly from previous methods. Basically you will be submitting your request into a closed forum for review as opposed to PM in the past. Here's how it'll operate in a nutshell:

  • What To Include: The topic of your application should be the forum name only. In the post body, put a link to the forum you're applying for and include a brief write-up explaining why you want the mod position and why you feel that you'd be the perfect candidate for it. This is your chance to sell yourself to us and make us think you're worth a shot, therefore an effective statement could make all the difference! We have to set a 300 word limit on this though as we simply do not have time to read entire essays about you! We're not gonna get flustered if your statement runs over by 10-20 words or so, but anything blatantly over this limit probably won't be read. Please see this example which illustrates what we expect in a typical application.
  • Application Review: After making your application it will be reviewed in due course by the senior site moderation teams. Reviews aren't carried out at defined intervals as in previous systems; they're reviewed as and when someone can at their leisure. Sometimes reviews are intentionally delayed for defined periods of time while the forum you've applied for is observed, etc.
  • Feedback on Your Application: Due to the sheer number of applications we receive, it is impossible to answer every single one individually. It is highly probable you will not hear from us at all about your application if it has been denied. If you've not heard from us about it in a few weeks, chances are your application was unsuccessful. You may receive feedback on occasion, however you should not expect it. Please do NOT ask us for feedback on a submitted application as it will not be given.


If you have any questions about this new process or enquires about how moderators are selected, please post them within the Moderator Application Q+A topic in the Site Help board where someone will be able to assist you.

Thanks for your interest in moderating at Neoseeker! Regardless of the outcome of your application, we appreciate the fact that you're willing to volunteer your time to help make the site a better place!

Good luck!

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