A Moderator, or Mod, is a member chosen by the Super Moderators to take care of a specific forum. These members are in charge of keeping the forum clear of spam and also trying to promote responsible discussion. They can be identified by the maroon moderator tag beneath their user name, and the link(s) to the forum(s) that they moderate underneath that tag.

They use a red icon.

Profile ico red.gif

They have inherent powers to do their job effectively. Some of these powers include deleting and editing threads and posts, floating/unfloating threads, closing/opening threads, merging posts to reduce double posting, and banning members from posting in said forum. Posts are also able to be reported or flagged for a moderators attention, and it is their responsibility to deal with these reported posts.


[edit] Editing and Deleting Posts

Moderators tend to edit posts that are generally good or contain a certain part with quality, but contain material that is against the rules. The editing feature is also handy for editing the Thread Indexes or the Forum Rules thread as necessary. This gives each moderator the freedom to implement their "doctrines" in their forum, as opposed to what a previous moderator might have implemented. Moderators are also authorized to delete any post that they deem unnecessary to the discussion for being offensive or irrelevant. When posts are deleted, a member will often receive a PM notifying the occurrence, and the moderators may give an explanation as to why they deleted the post, remind them of the rules, and warn them not to break the rules again at the risk of a ban.

[edit] Managing Threads

Moderators are allowed to close any thread that they determine to be unfit for the forum. Thread closure means that the thread may not have anymore posts added to it by a member. The posts in it may not be edited either. Threads that are lightly inappropriate are typically closed and not deleted, or they are moved to another forum that better suits their topic. The greatly inappropriate threads are deleted. They may be first closed with a deletion date set so that members have a chance to read and see why the thread was closed. Threads that contain the highest offenses are often deleted immediately. Threads may be reopened after being closed, if the moderator is ensured that the thread will receive no more abuse. Some threads hold special information about the forum and are floated. This means that they will remain with all other floated threads at the top of the forum and will not sink below other threads. Some floated threads may be unfloated once they become irrelevant. This usually happens when a change in the forum occurs.

[edit] Merging Posts

Sometimes, members make two posts in a row without realizing it. Double posts look sloppy in a thread, so moderators may correct this by merging the two posts into one post. This only happens when the double posts are not exact copies that result from a computer lag with the user; they have to be unique messages.

[edit] Reporting Posts and Bans

All moderators strongly encourage members to report posts that violate the rules as quickly and rationally as possible. This allows moderators to find out and react quickly to the offense and deal with the member. Posts may be reported by clicking the grey button in the bottom-right corner of every post. These reported posts are listed in the Moderation Queue. Depending on the offense and the consistency of offenses, a moderator may ban a member. Bans prevent the account from being used to post in a defined forum. The length and harshness of the ban will depend on the extent and amount of offenses. Repeated or extremely vulgar offenders may face a permanent ban from all forums on the site.

[edit] Becoming a Moderator

In order to become a moderator, a member must be found suitable, by displaying the following traits:

  • Must be active in the particular forum and must understand the topic and purpose of the forum well.
  • Must know and understand the sitewide rules, and abide by them.
  • Must also show skill in the use of mark-up and general language skills (txt talk is discouraged on Neoseeker, and poor communication would be a problem for a moderator).

Finally, the forum itself must also contain a certain amount of activity. If a member displays the necessary qualities and the forum needs a moderator, a Super Moderator might send an offer for a promotion to moderate that forum. Please note that even if all requirements are met, that is not a guarantee of promotion. Another member may be more qualified or a Section Moderator may be able to take care of the forum.

[edit] Current Moderator Listing

The following is a list of all current moderators on the site in alphabetical order as well as the forum(s) they moderate.

Name Forum
Adorible_lil_Chick82 Pokémon Sun & Moon
AlfieOhAlfie Pokémon Shopping District
alroy214 Pokémon Clans
Amy Anime
Anomaly Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns
Artificer Neoseeker Automated Markup
NAMFox for Moderators
Aurora Neoseeker Beta Forum
bbb7002004 Pokémon Sun & Moon
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
benji1122 Xbox One
Football [Soccer]
Chelskiman PS4 Games
TV Shows
Chiggins NAMFox for Moderators
Chimaira Retro Gaming
Chiptune PokéLounge
Clief Final Fantasy XV
Couttsy Action [3DS]
ctrl Magic: The Gathering
Dark Arcanine NEOCRS Staff
General Wii U
Nintendo Switch Hardware [Switch]
Dark Xionei Music
Dash the Stampede Wrestling
EvilTediz597 Music
Fyrestorm Neo Emcee's Open Mic
The Arena
The Graveyard
Neo-Duelist League
The Legacy
Gotenks Pokémon Go
Grayson Books & Literature
haalyle Gaming Lounge
Hell Fire Oceania
Dark Souls III
hood135 Pokémon Trading
Pokémon Clans
Inkblot Pokémon Shopping District
Intoxication Neoseeker Beta Forum
Site Contributor's Forum
Iscariot Lounges
Site/Forums Help and QA
ReQuests, Feedback and Suggestions
Jabba Overkill Movies/Films
Football Manager 2017
Jesivis Paranormal
jomoh71 Dark Souls
jmargerum Pokémon Trading
Justin Fire Emblem Heroes
Justplayingitcool PC Games
Kaharius Sports/Simulation [PC]
Action and Shooters [PC]
Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
Books & Literature
Kinetic Gaming Lounge
Lesley Pro_04 Sports
NeoWiki Central
Lovedove Final Fantasy IX
Mastix Anime
MegaBassMan Strategy [PC]
Midnight PokéLounge
Mister MacPhisto Comics
Mishtram Pokémon Go
Neolord Pokémon Battles
Pokémon Strategy
NightMoose Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Trading, Shops and Auctions
one piece fan Monster Hunter Generations [3DS]
Pokémon Sun & Moon
Pappi FIFA 17
Sports [PS4]
Ren of Heavens Computer Help and Discussion
Saeglopur Football Manager 2017
Don Bradman Cricket 17
Saints Fan FIFA 17
Saku RPG/Adventure [3DS]
Pokémon Trading
General Pokémon
Nintendo Switch Hardware [Switch]
SgtMartin Dragonball
Shiny PokéFiction
Solodolo Dragonball
Sonic Flash Kingdom Hearts III
Sox Mass Effect: Andromeda
SpartanNinja Final Fantasy XV
Stitch Action [PS3]
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Storm Action [PS4]
TV Shows
Swampert X Yu-Gi-Oh!
Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading
Tadajon PES Collection
Team Hydro Aura Overwatch
Action [3DS]
TEZtify Pokémon Sun & Moon
tfw13579 Football Manager 2016
the_REAL_zwarrior Wrestling
Tommy Vercetti Movies/Films
VeGiTAX2 ReQuests, Feedback and Suggestions
Site/Forums Help and QA
Yakkov Pokémon Shopping District
ykcp Pokémon Battles
Pokémon Strategy
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