Misplaced Game Resource Links

In an effort to provide as complete a coverage as possible for the growing catalog of game profiles on Neoseeker, we have introduced a new resource contribution in the NeoCRS: misplaced resources.

[edit] What are Misplaced Resources, and how do they link up with game profiles?

These are links to p/reviews for games automatically pulled from sources across the web through our special bot, and conveniently formatted into a handy NeoCRS contribution type. Members don't have to do a thing to create these, since these are created for you. You'll find them all under the "Resource" heading in the "Pending By Contribution" section of the CRS page.


These resources are currently floating in CRS limbo, helpfully sorted by their game platforms, and waiting to attached to an actual game profile! To view all pending misplaced resource contributions, first select a platform from the list. Then choose a pending misplaced resource contribution to work with.

Neocrs misplaced resources pending list.png

Here, we're looking at a review we don't have in our own database for Dead Rising. Naturally, we'll want to approve this, but first we must make sure it is attached to the proper game profile. To do this, search for the game under the search box to the right of the resource editing page.

The game name should already be entered automatically for you, and often it is simply a matter of sorting out which of the search results is the right game profile to attach the pending resource to; simply check the game that applies. You can even attach it to game profiles on other platforms as highlighted in the blue box below, if the game in question is multiplatform.

Screenshot 002010 11 24 171730 display.png

Finish the process by hitting the "Add to Resources" button at the bottom of the resource editing page!

[edit] The search results don't return anything!

This is where things can get tricky. If no relevant game profiles show up for your search, try using a broader search term for the game name; omitting special characters, or leaving the title in lowercase can often help increase your search results!

Assuming that still doesn't return any relevant results, you may have no choice but to add the game profile. Contribute these as normal (wait for it to be approved by a CRS approver first!), then search for the game again.

[edit] NEW for iPhone & iPad game profiles!

You can now very easily contribute missing iPhone and iPad game profiles required for pending resources.

Neocrs misplaced resources retrieve missing profile.png

If your search results turn up empty, the pending resource contribution page will now provide you with the option to attempt to find and "grab" the game from Apple's iTunes/Apps Store and automatically add it to Neoseeker, complete with all the game details and screenshots! Then you can attach it to the new profile as normal, and approve the pending submission. This doesn't always work however: in that case, simply contribute the profile as normal.

This new feature only applies to iPhone and iPad profiles, unfortunately.

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