Mentions and Quotes

In Oct 2010, Neoseeker released Neoforums v1.0.0 which has a new feature called Notifications from Mentions and Quotes. What these do is give you a Notification whenever someone "Mentions" you or quotes you in a forum message or comment.


[edit] Mentions

[edit] How to Mention

Neoseeker Mentions are very simple, and work like Mentions on Facebook and Twitter. You simply type a Neoseeker username with the @ symbol in front of it, like so:

@Quierta is my friend!

[edit] Mentions of usernames with spaces

Usernames with spaces are Mentioned slightly differently, you must start and end the name with the @ symbol, like so:

@Ren of Heavens@ is my friend!

The autocomplete box might make it easier for you to Mention people with spaces in their names.

[edit] Autocomplete of Mentions

If you are using a desktop browser, and it supports Javascript, you will initiate an autocomplete list of your Friends and Contacts when you enter the @ symbol. The Autocomplete list contains all your NeoFriends, contacts, and people you have Mentioned before to make filling in Mentions easier.

Note: Mentions autocomplete work in most form fields on the site, such as the comments form, and forum posts forum. However, the @ symbol must be typed (not cut and pasted) and it must be typed at the END of the input form for it to trigger the auto complete list. So if you try to put the @ at the beginning or middle of a sentence the code cannot open the autocomplete list.

[edit] Escaping Mentions

Sometimes you don't want to send a Mention when you write @username, perhaps you are trying to point to a Twitter account, or you just want to skip a mention to the wrong person. To you can do this by putting a backslash (\) in front of the @ so that it looks like this:


[edit] Quotes

Quotes have been around on Neoseeker for a long time, and the code looks like this:

Hi everyone!

When you are quoting someone it will automatically send a Notification to that person to let them know you have quoted them.

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