A member is someone who registered to the site to gain information or help share it with others. Most of the Neoseeker population are members. These people can be nice and help you or some are ridiculous and spam which results in a ban.


[edit] Member Specific Features

[edit] Post Count

Each member has their own post count. It keeps a counting record of how many posts you have made, as long as they are over the 72 character post count requirement.

[edit] Private Messages

The Private Message system is a small "email" like feature, where you can send messages to other members. These messages can only be seen by the sender and the recipient, unless an Administrator needs to view a specific message for a serious reason.

[edit] Increased Forum Access

Some forums such as Loungin' and Music require the posters to be registered members. This helps to cut down on spam. Being a registered member allows you to post in these forums.

[edit] NeoFriends

Members can add other members to their NeoFriends list and also categorize them into groups. This list will show up on you my.neoforum page, and allow you to see who is online and not.

If a member on your NeoFriends list has logged in as "NeoFriends Only", you will not be able to see if they are online or not, unless you are on their NeoFriends list. Also, if the member has an alternate setting of "Privacy Mode", you cannot see them.

[edit] Contact List

As of August 7, 2009 and the v0.9.7 forum update, members can have a separate list of "contacts" or people you PM often enough but don't wish to add as a friend for quick reference.

[edit] Favorite Forums

Being a member, you can add forums to your Favorite Forums list. The list will show the last post made in the forum, what thread it was made in, and a direct link to that post.

[edit] Custom Title

Once you have attained fifty posts you are given the privilege of a "custom title", or your own creative Neoseeker rank/message.

[edit] Guestbook

The guestbook is a feature that allows members to publicly thank or simply say hi to other members.

[edit] Avatar

By becoming a member users can upload an avatar in 100 X 100 dimensions (maximum for resizing) to display on the forums, profiles, blogs, news articles, etc.

[edit] Blogs

By reaching a certain post benchmark, users gain the ability to create their own blog posts at

[edit] Galleries

Member galleries allow members (with a certain post threshold) to upload a large number of images to Neoseeker for use on the forums, blogs, PMs, and possibly on other sites (although hotlinking may be disabled) with various privacy and album settings for organization purposes!

[edit] User Ranks

User ranks are determined by the number of posts the member has made. More posts does not necessarily give you a better chance to become a moderator or wiki staff. The admin, moderator, supermod, and neostaff tags replace user ranks.

Title Posts
unwashed heathen(guest) guest poster (not registered)
Neo-newbie 0
newseeker 10
Neophyte 20
not-such-a-newbie 35
starting to like it 50
forum junky 75
just getting started! 100
dangerous 150
no-stoppin-me-now 200
mad messenger 275
forum fever 350
neologist 400
gone postal 450
member: postin' posse 500
threadnought 575
high on "N" 700
seek-o-holic 850
true seeker 1000
ultra seeker 1250
s-e-e-k-e-r 1550
true seeker (2K Remix) 2000
Two much Neo 2222
Resident Neo 2500
Still Seekin' 3250
Hooked on Neo 4000
N'Somniac 4600
Seeketh Maximus 5000
Neolithic 6000
Neo or Bust 7000
NeoXtreme 8000
Relentless 9000
Are we there yet? 9750
Neoholic 10000
Neo: Essential 11500
Permanently Plugged In 13000
Legendary Seeker 15000
True Addiction 17500
CruisiN' 20000
Neolife 22500
Purely Neo 25000
Eternal 27500
Elite Seeker 30000
Into... Legend 35000
Ultimate 40000
Can't touch this 50000
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