Markup FAQs

aka: Formatted FAQs

Note: Neoseeker supports nearly ALL Formatted FAQ features! So upload your Formatted FAQ with confidence!

Markup FAQs are FAQ files in text file format which contain special markup code. This is a FAQ format created by GameFAQs and is known on GameFAQs as a "Formatted FAQ". When FAQs in this format are uploaded to Neoseeker, they are rendered as HTML with boxed sections, bolded text, italics, HTML tables, and a table of contents generated based on headings within the FAQ.

Markup FAQs create visually impressive FAQs without the need to write in full HTML. Authors edit standard .txt files and use markup similar to the Neoseeker forum tags and Wiki tags. These FAQs look perfectly fine even if viewed in a standard text editor, but when uploaded to Neoseeker and GameFAQs they will render as full HTML text.

Some examples of Markup FAQs include:

[edit] Benefits of Markup FAQs

  1. You can bold and italicize text to put emphasis
  2. You can create headings to separate your FAQ out into different sections - a Table of Contents linking to each section is auto generated for you (see example FAQs above)
  3. You can create organized tables very easily
  4. The original text file retains alot of its original text readability because there isn't alot of clumsy HTML in the way
  5. You can link to any heading in the page using special code. Kratos15354's FAQ makes good use of that in this section here.
  6. You can link to any heading in the FAQ instead of telling people to CTRL-F + search for a heading

[edit] How to Upload a Markup FAQ

Markup FAQs can be uploaded:

[edit] Differences Between Neoseeker and GF's Markup FAQs

  • The biggest difference is that we show the entire FAQ in a single page, while GameFAQs splits it up into multiple pages. GameFAQs' implementation is technically more sophisticated than ours, but feedback from FAQ authors suggests that our method is cool too because it retains the ability to CTRL-F search an entire FAQ
  • There are a few minor visual differences between our FAQs and theirs. These are very minor cosmetic things
  • We do not currently support images in the FAQs. GF introduced image support in late January 2010.
  • We do not yet support the spoiler tag. But we will soon.

[edit] Markup FAQ Tags Support

For complete documentation you may also refer to the help page on GF.

Any text files which start off with a tag that looks like this will be treated as a markup FAQ:


[edit] Basic Formatting:

[edit] Line Breaks

A single line break is ignored. Double line breaks cause a paragraph to be created. eg:

Markup CodeResult


Hello Friends





[edit] Bolding/Italics

Markup CodeResult

This is ''bold''

This is bold

This is '''italics'''

This is italics

This is '''''italicized and bolded'''''

This is italicized and bolded

[edit] Headings

Markup CodeResult





[edit] Boxed Sections

[edit] Tables

[edit] Pre and Comments

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