Lounges are forums created on Neoseeker for the multiple umbrella categories that exist, but do no fit into other provided forums And remember lounges are used by the members of neoseeker only guests are not allowed to post in these forums, although books and literature Is allowed for guests to post in. These include the following:


[edit] Loungin'

Loungin' is Neoseeker's general discussion forum that can be used to talk about anything that doesn't fit in other forums. It's usually Neoseeker's most active forum, sometimes passing an average of 2000 posts per day. Although members are allowed to go and talk about every day live, Spam and flaming are still prohibited as well as advertising.

[edit] Thinker's Lounge

Thinker's Lounge is like Loungin', except with more debates and intellectual discussions about basically anything. It's also a pretty active forum on Neoseeker.

[edit] Movies/Films

The Movie/Films forum is where you can talk about movies of any kind.

[edit] Music

The Music forum is a place to talk about music from any genre. There can be threads for a certain band, genre or just general discussion or debate about music.

[edit] Musicians' Corner

Musicians' Corner is a sub forum specifically for musicians and musical instruments.

[edit] Neo Emcee's Open Mic

[edit] Sports

The Sports forum is where you can talk about Sports of any kind.

[edit] Football (Soccer)

The sport of football (also known as soccer) has it's own sub forum due to the popularity of the sport on the site.

[edit] TV Shows

The TV Shows forum is where you talk about TV shows, whether it's live-action or cartoons, but not for Anime, which has it's own forum in the Special Interests section.

[edit] Animated Shows

Originally started as Animated Comedy before it's expansion to incorporate all animated shows.

[edit] Books & Literature

The Books & Literature forum is where members can discuss novels, magazines and any other form of literature.

[edit] Comics

The sub-forum is comics, which relates to comic books and graphic novels.

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