[edit] Overview

Interwiki linking will enable users to easily link to any page on any of our NeoWikis thus creating a more interlinked system. This is useful for instances where something may related to more than one wiki. We'll use Mario for example. Because Mario is such a popular character he appears in multiple games which may also mean multiple wikis.

We have and to use in this example.
You could have a main centralized page for Mario himself on the mario.neo wiki. Because we would prefer that you do not duplicate content, all linked references of Mario on the smashbros.neo can point to the Mario wikis entry instead.

Please note that using interwiki links will not display as a normal red link if the page does not exist. The interwiki linking cannot tell if the page exists or not on the other wiki.

The old, and non-preferred way to link to another wikis page was to do the following:

[ Shiva (FFXI)]

Important Note: Please refrain from using this method now with the interwiki linking upgrade.

[edit] Usage

Now that we have interlinking properly setup the markup to use interwiki linking is as follows:


w. - lets MediaWiki know you are making an interwiki link
WIKINAME - this will always be the name of the wiki based on the URL. ie: http:/// the WIKINAME would be smashbros
: - this is the seperator between what wiki you're interwiki linking with and the page you want to link to
PAGENAME - is the page you want to link to on the other wiki
|ALTERNATE LINK TEXT - just link a normal link you may change what the link is displayed as

[edit] Example

[[w.finalfantasy:Shiva|Shiva (FFXI)]]

would become Shiva (FFXI)

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