Including Recent Forum Posts on Wikis

You might not all be familiar with the <neoforum> tag, but it is an extremely useful bit of code.



(Where FORUMID is the number after /forums/, for example this forum is 21374)

Will display the 10 most recent threads in a games respective forum.

Now this may not be a big deal for the older games, but for games from the current generation and their predecessors who have active communities and discussions certainly would benefit from such implementation.

Where to Include It

If you look here, you will note that I opted to add another field to the game's infobox to include the "Recent Forum Threads".

This method could become problematic for games that are multiplatform, but it is up to the staff to determine the best way to include it.

You are not limited to adding it to the infobox, that was just a suggestion. Be creative. Float another table underneath the infobox, or box art, add a separate heading section for them if you like. This feature will help to further integrate the game pages with their respective Neoseeker profiles.

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