Hub Page for Each Game In A Wiki

Please create a "hub" page for every game in a Wiki which contains details about that game.


[edit] What to Include

  • The page name should the EXACT spelling of the full game name, preferably the same as what Neoseeker uses, but if Neoseeker's name is not the proper official full name then use the proper official name. Eg the game's name is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past then create that EXACT page (eg Do NOT create a variant such as "Legend of Zelda - Link to the Past" or any other variants that have any changes. The spacing, colons, capitalisation, and inclusion of small words like "the","of","it" etc MUST be exact.
    • If Neoseeker' name is NOT the proper official name, you must create a redirect from Neoseeker's name to the official name that you used to create the hub page.
  • In the hub, include detailed information above and beyond what Neoseeker's profile might contain.
  • Do NOT cut and paste the entire information from Neoseeker's profile and leave it at that. There should be as little duplication between the two as possible
  • Focus on:
    • Plot
    • History of the game
    • A linked list of main and supporting characters in the game
    • A linked list of levels, missions, quests etc in the game.
    • A linked list of bosses and sub-bosses
    • A linked list of all significant locations.
    • A linked list of guides or strategies that will be written in the wiki
    • LINK the lists of characters, missions, bosses, locations, secrets, etc so that others can link from this hub page to create detailed pages of all those things.
    • The proper Neo Tabs for the game in question.

[edit] Purpose

  1. Neoseeker will automatically have a "Wiki" tab in each of our game profiles leading directly to these hub pages.
  2. Users who land on the hub page will be able to find ALL the major pages relating to that specific game in the series. This is why we want you to list the levels, characters, strategies etc. This is the "center" of that specific game and the way that people will be able to navigate out.
  3. Potential Contributors can use this page to find other related pages that need work.
  4. The Talk page for these hub pages allow staff and contributors to organize and discuss work related to that specific game.

[edit] Example "hub pages"

Some example hub pages that are already heading in the right direction are below. Some of these are still works in progress (as are almost all wiki pages, no matter how mature they are) and are missing elements that we need. If you can help spruce the below up, please do so!

The vast majority of this page was written by Redemption[1] and simply ported over to the wiki and marked up by Deathsythe.

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