How to add a header to your Neoseeker Profile and fine tune it

With the update to Neoseeker profiles on 11th July 2013, a new feature was brought to the table: Adding a header to your profile. This guide/walkthrough will show you the course of action to achieve this and also how to fine tune it, as well as provide the correct specifications and settings for your header to work nice and smoothly.


[edit] Your Image

Of course the first step is to choose what Image you'd like to use as your header/card background. It goes without saying that the picture must not be rude or offensive in any way, and you must have permission from the owner in order to use it.

The good thing to come of this addition of a header is that you are not restricted to the size limitations of a Signature. In fact, your Header is best suited to be roughly twice the size of a signature.

Horizontal images are best to be used, as vertical images will just look out of place and will probably go wrong. You should choose a picture that isn't bright and doesn't have a white color scheme unless you plan on using the bar highlight option, otherwise you, and others, won't be able to see your username on your profile.

[edit] Specifications

Your header is best suited to be 982x208 pixels, but anywhere close to that within reason will be good enough. There are tools to help make your image work such as "BG 100%". It would be best to optimize your image to make it load quicker. Under 200kbs would be best.

Here's a template provided by tekmosis, and a note from him:


"The white out blocks for user name is the max of 20 characters, and the bottom is the max space used for 140 characters. "

[edit] Profile page and buttons

This section will show you what the buttons and boxes in the settings for your header will do, and how they can help you.


This is the Settings button, the one you'll click to begin adding your header.


Here's a picture of the Settings, with a color each representing a setting. They are as follows:

Red Box: This is where your Header will appear. The blacked out area will enlarge once you add the picture.

Green Box: This is the URL box, where you'll copy and paste the URL of the header you'll be using.

Pink Box: This is the positioning tool. Vital if you want to have 3 seperate headers available. These buttons basically select where in the black box your image will be. Useless if your image fits perfectly.

Aqua Box: This set your image to repeat, if all of the space isn't taken up.

Blue Box: These let you select the color of the bar underneath your Username and Comment. Right now, in the picture above, I have mine set to 'Gray'

Yellow Box: User Bar Highlight adds a shaded bar behind your username and comment. This is for incase your header has a lot of white in it and you won't be able to see your Username. BG 100% stretches your picture to fit the area so no black bits are showing. Handy if your picture is just a little too small.

Black Box: Self explanatory. "Save" saves your changes while "Close" closes the settings.

[edit] In-depth guide and Example

This section will talk you through how to add a Header to your profile, from choosing a picture that will work well, to tuning it up and making it work nicely.

For demonstration purposes, I'll be using the image I'm actually going to use as my header, which is this one:


Now this image size is 700x144, which is a bit small for the header space but that can be sorted later. First, you need to host the image on a site. Some people use Neoseekers own gallery while I prefer PhotoBucket. Any old link won't work, and this is a bit different to [IMG] links used to host a signature. Instead you want to upload it and get the Direct Link for your image.

Once you have it, simply paste it into the URL box, here:


If done correctly, your image will appear in the Header area as soon as you hit paste. If it's too small, which mine was, it'll look like this:


Notice the image is in the middle of the gray area, surrounded by emptyness. Now there are 3 main ways to fix this. The simplest and easiest would be to check the "BG 100%" box, which would stretch the image to fit. You'd be left with this:


You may think that this is great and dandy, and in my case it is. However if your image is really small and you stretch it, it could look extremely pixelated. For example, had my image been 100x21 pixels and I checked "BG 100%", it would look like this:


Unpleasant isn't it. It's best to have an image somewhere near the size specified, but it isn't required.

Now, should that image have been maybe 300x63 Pixels, and I set it to repeat, it would look like this:


Looks decent doesn't it. When you set an image to repeat, the original image stays where it is and 'Ghost' versions of the image are made and pasted next to the original on all sides. This has led to my Header look half cut on the sides, and just saying "AD" on the left. So maybe I just move it around. You can still position the header when it's on repeat. Just fiddle around, try it in every position until you find one that works. In my case I felt this worked best:


But it still doesn't look right. Thanks to the stars and band name on the image, my Username and comment are a little hard to make out. So for that, we must simply add a shade, by clicking the "User Bar Highlight" checkbox. This results in this:


As you can see my Username and comment are much easier to see now, without compromising on the look of the header. For a final added touch, you can choose the bar color underneath your username. I like to choose one that best compliments my profile, so I stay with Aqua.

[edit] Fine Tuning and making your Member Card Work

Lorx has made his Header and Member card work seamlessly by editing a smaller version of his header, onto the header itself. Here's a screenshot of his profile:


As you can see he's blended his picture well. However what you don't see, is the rest of the picture. Here's the full image:


As you can see, he's edited the picture to have a smaller version in the top corner. That's because when you hover over someone's name, it'll show the top left hand corner of that persons Header as a member card. Lorx capitalized on this and edited it to work. His header uses the middle section of the picture, while his Member card used the top left. Very clever. But also very simple.

I'm going to follow suit now, and thanks to Lorx help, you can too. First this will work best with an image close to being square. Even if you have to use a photo shop to edit it. Now to do this, I'm going to put my header to the perfect size of 982x208 and then add empty black spaces to the top and bottom to make the image a square. Now it looks like this:


Now I'll set it to be my header, but also set it to Centre. It leaves me with this:


Now clearly it hasn't changed, but thanks to me putting the header right in the middle of all the blackness I added, you can't see any black. Next, we need to add the smaller image, which Lorx tells me is 486x110. So, I use the same image again, except I add it smaller in the top left corner, in the blackness. Now the full image looks like this:


The bigger image in the middle will show in my profile header, whilst the smaller image will show up on my member card. So now, my header looks like this:


While my Member Card when someone hovers over it will look like this:


[edit] 3 Picture Header

If you can make a picture edit to have 3 seperate pictures one on top of the other, you can have 3 interchangable headers set. By combining 3 seperate headers, like this:


Then setting it as your header, you can choose which picture then shows on your profile, merely by positioning it. So for example if I want to set the Fallout 3 picture as my Header, I'd position the picture to the top. If I wanted to set Steam to be the Header, I'd select bottom as the position. For Hollywood Undead, I'd of course choose middle positioning.

The main thing to bear in mind here though, is that all 3 pictures must be the perfect size(982x208) in order for this to work, otherwise one of the headers may be too small and the header above/below might also show as well. Of course, you can still have the Member Card image over the top header picture, like I've done with the Fallout 3 image below. Or you can merely leave it blank and have only 3 pictures.

And to provide proof this works, here are 3 screenshots of them in action. That one picture, set to 3 different positions:




[edit] Optimization

To optimize your image with a single header and single member card image, there are a few things to take note of:

1) The smaller the image in pixels, the better. 2) The smaller the image in bytes, the better. You can use some websites such as Smushit of Yahoo to lower the size of your image. 3) The less unused room in an image, the better.

Optimizing your image before uploading it will make both your member card and header load much faster.

[edit] End Notes

This brings an end to the header guide. If you feel you can improve it, feel free. Should you want any assistance with creating a header then feel free to Pm me(Shave ya Head)

Credit to Redemption for implementing this feature. To tekmosis for the specifications and template, and Lorx for his awesome header and member card specifications.

Of course, you don't have to have your header and member card the same picture using that feature, you could have two different images.

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