On the NeoWikis, editors use something called the STP (Standard Template Package) to create a uniform feel throughout the wikis. Templates within the STP can be easily altered through Special Pages, one in particular. Through accessing Special:TemplateSettings, an editor can change the Standard Templates, and possibly looks of major templates used throughout the wiki.

[edit] Usage

Special TemplateSettings.png Before you can alter a template, you must first pick which template needs to be altered! To do so, go to the Customizable Standard Templates category that is linked to on Special:TemplateSettings itself. When you access this page, you'll see a list of Templates that are part of Neoseeker's Standard Template Package. For this example, we'll use Template:MessageBox.

After choosing your template, you simply input its name into the form entry box. In this case, you would want to use MessageBox (IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you do not add the Template: prefix in this step!). When doing such, you'll be greeted with this screen.


From this page, you're able to edit the template's color and images however you wish! It's impossible to change structural design through this process - a user would have to go through the Template page itself for that (and understand wiki code; for a further guide, see the Wiki:Help hub page). When you're done altering the template as you wish, make sure you preview it before you submit it! As soon as you click the Save settings button, template settings are then saved. They can still be reset to default if you later decide you don't like them. Wiki Moderators+ are able to protect the template settings and leave them as they are set.

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