Help:New Page

When creating a new page, a user has a few different options. Over the NeoWiki, there are things called Red Links, which can be clicked on to open the option of creating a new page. However, getting to these can be confusing, so here's the full guide with all of your options.


[edit] Special:CreatePage

Special CreatePage.png
A user can access a new page through Special:CreatePage, one of many Special Pages that can be found here. All that needs to be done is adding the name of the page in, then you can go from there! This is a user-friendly method, but it requires more effort than the following method.

[edit] Using the search bar

An alternative method that can be used to create a new page is to use the search bar found in the top right corner.

If the search results in a Red Link (shown in the image above) you can then click the red link to create the page. This can also be useful in finding whether you would be creating a duplicate page.

[edit] Red Links


By clicking a red link, a user is able to access and edit a brand new page! However, they have to be certain that they are following the correct link - links can be given different names (as seen on our Editing page), so you'll have to check the title before you edit the page!

[edit] End Result

With either method, the end result is the same. If you create a page titled "New Page", you will get this output:

End Result.png

From there, you can edit using the toolbox above the entry form, or using other information found in our Help section.