Namespaces are an alternate way defined by MediaWiki to organize pages instead of using categories. When a page is linked, all of the title must be filled in - this includes the Namespace.


[edit] MediaWiki Namespaces

[edit] Media

When using this code, the image is directly linked to (ex. Media:Logo.png) instead of linking to the description of the image by using File or Image (ex. File:Logo.png).

[edit] Special

Special Pages are pages that are created by MediaWiki itself. Other Special pages cannot be created by anyone that is not an administrator on NeoWiki - they cannot be edited, but certain properties can be changed depending on the page itself (ex. Create Page).

[edit] (Main)

This is a Namespace that rarely appears. Instead, it is hidden, and shows the Content pages on a Wiki. All pages that don't have a visible Namespace will have this by default.

[edit] Talk

The talk page is a way for users to discuss various issues that concern the page in question. Each page has a talk page that can be created in the same way a normal page is created.