Game FAQs

Neoseeker hosts Game FAQs for FAQ authors. We host the FAQs in unaltered form and update FAQs via emails and also as FAQ authors update the FAQs on other sites.


[edit] What are Game FAQs?

Game FAQs are text based walkthroughs, guides, frequently asked questions, and other documents in a .txt file format written by Neoseeker members and game enthusiasts. Neoseeker hosts Game FAQs for authors around the world, and we are the first major FAQ site in the world to offer a FAQ Control Panel that allows FAQ authors to update their own FAQs automatically on Neoseeker and to also distribute the FAQs to other sites via the mailing list feature

[edit] FAQ Control Panel

FAQ authors who have registered accounts on Neoseeker and who have FAQs attached to their accounts can access the FAQ Control Panel from within their User Profile.

Using the FAQ CP you can do the following:

  • Upload new versions of the FAQ and have it show up on the site! No need to email and wait anyone to update a FAQ.
  • Rename the FAQ as it shows on Neoseeker's list.
  • Change the FAQ's language categorisation
  • Change the FAQ's label (eg General vs Topic Specific vs Character Guide)
  • Change the FAQ's publish date and revision number
  • Revert to a previous copy of a FAQ! Neoseeker keeps backups of old copies of your FAQs in case you make a mistake!
  • Email out the FAQ update to alist of other sites that you maintain!

To access the FAQ Control Panel, see here:

[edit] FAQ Author Account renames

Normally Neoseeker user accounts cannot be renamed for free, however, as a courtesy and convenience for FAQ authors, we allow FAQ authors to change their username free of charge if they are changing their username in their FAQs. For other details on Name Changes see this forum thread.

FAQ authors who want to request a legitimate name change should do so by sending a PM to Redemption.

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