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[edit] Internal Forum Search

When searching a thread, or a specific forum Neoseeker uses its internal search engine. This engine inspects INDIVIDUAL forum posts and returns results sorted in order of relevance like this:

Forum search results example.png

Initiating a forum search using internal search is easy, use the search form at the bottom right of the page

Forum search field.png

In addition, as of August 27 2009, the internal search engine has a few useful options such as:

  • searching only thread titles
  • searching the entire message (thread title+body)
  • searching just the body of the message
  • searching by time period (today, yesterday, this week, last week, etc)

As of Aug 28 2009, forum search also displays up to 50 pages of search results! This allows you to page through results to find what you want!

[edit] Keyword syntax

By default all keyword searches are "AND" operators. This means results must match EVERY word you fill in!

final fantasy

The above will only return forum posts with both words in them.

OR searches:


the above returns results with "final" OR "fantasy" in them.

(final fantasy|square enix)

The above returns results with "final fantasy" or "square enix" in them

NOT searches:

You can exclude keywords easily using the - sign.

eg, find results with "final" AND "fantasy" but not "square"

final fantasy -square

Phrase searches

Phrase searches return results that match an exact phrase.

"story heavy game" (<--- try that search in Lougin')

[edit] Google Search

Neoseeker forums use Google search in the following conditions:

  1. nothing in internal search matches your criteria (eg date restriction, or the keywords are too restrictive).
  2. you are doing a forumwide search.
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