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The Forum Quality Team are a group of individuals, mainly select moderators and members who are actively engaged in striving towards improving Neoseeker's high-quality content status on the forums while fixing some of the site's older "thin" content at a forum-wide level. Conduct expected whilst you are on the team falls along the lines of common sense and being capable enough to identify low quality posts, distinguish posts that are of no use and posts that are of some value, be proactive enough to approach members should any problems arise, and be able to communicate with them effectively to resolve any forum post-related problems which may arise.

Forum Quality Team members can be distinguished by the quality team rank in the author column of their forum posts.


[edit] What kind of work does the Quality Team do?

The Team has been assigned official responsibility to encourage good quality and discourage low quality content throughout the forums. Work on older forums was already started by the Team in June 2016 in an attempt to repair and improve older posts, and delete completely useless ones. Neoseeker is headed in the right direction in terms of quality with the help of this movement, the moderators and the support of our members, and this behavioural shift is a collective effort to create an atmosphere that is conducive to quality discussion.

[edit] Are the Forum Quality Team "moderators" in every forum?

No. While the Team does have certain powers to edit and delete posts in every forum, they are not moderators for every forum - only the forums they have the red moderator tag for. Members should communicate with the relevant forum moderators for any forum-specific issue or question. In the absence of moderator in a forum, please talk to a Super Moderator for forum-specific questions/feedback.

[edit] How do I become a Quality Team member?

Currently, the position is only offered to existing forum moderators but a more concrete & transparent criteria for volunteering to be a part of the team may be introduced for active members who have proved themselves to be mature and responsible enough to gain access to the tools that are currently available to the quality team.

For now, all members are advised to foster good quality posting habits such as avoiding short, spammy replies on the forums or replies with grammar/spelling/broken image problems and instead being informative and detailed where possible.

If you are someone who is looking to eventually join the Quality Team down the road, the best way to go about this would be to try to improve your own posting habits. As of 2nd September 2016, there is a new Improve option at the bottom right of all forum posts which you could use to suggest improvement to any post in any forum. Re-write posts which you believe could benefit from an improved version, such as guides/walkthroughs or replies to help questions in game forums and submit them to the existing quality team for review.

[edit] Who are members of the Forum Quality Team?

The currently active members of the Quality Team are:

[edit] Who can I contact if I have a question?

If you have any concerns, requests, suggestions or feedback regarding how to post effectively, how to identify low quality posts, how to make a suggestion for improvement, or any relevant questions pertaining to "quality" or the forum quality team, please feel free to send a NeoPM to any one of the Team members listed above.

If you have run into any bugs or glitches using forums or the Improve feature, report it in the Forum Bug Reports.

[edit] What kind of posts should I avoid making?

  • Low quality posts. Posts that contain only a few words, are irrelevant, or (in case the thread in question is a help thread) do not address the concerns of the thread creator in a detailed and coherent way. Always remember that your post plays a role in whether guests or visitors via external search engines like Google stay interested in Neoseeker or not. Take a look at these examples of solid posts.
  • Duplicate posts. Content or text that is copied directly from other sources on the internet like the game's official website or a retailer's site should not be posted.
  • Link spam. Posts and threads containing only URLs are detrimental to the site.

[edit] What happens if someone reports my post for improvement?

If you have logged into Neoseeker in the last 3 months, you will receive an automated NeoPM that will link you to the post in question should someone report your post for improvement. You are free to revise the post to reach higher quality, fix any errors etc.

If you have not logged into Neoseeker in the last 3 months, you will not receive an automated NeoPM and the suggestion will be reviewed by the Quality Team and the necessary action will be taken accordingly. Please rest assured the Quality Team respects member rights to edit their own posts and hence every action is taken after due consideration.

[edit] How do I suggest improvement to a forum post?

Simply scroll to the bottom right of the post which you wish to suggest improvement to and click on "Improve" like this. You may then choose the improvement reason (more details or grammar/spelling) and even re-write the improved post in the text field if you check the "I would like to submit an edited version" checkbox below the "Detailed Reason" field for the Quality Team to review and accept. Please keep in mind that any suggestions you make to improving posts are first reviewed by the forum moderators and/or Quality Team before they are marked as final.

As such, your username will not appear anywhere in the final new post.

You can also choose to recommend a post for deletion using the same Improve button. Please only recommend posts for deletion that are entirely useless and contribute no value to the forum thread.

[edit] Who can look at the suggestions I make?

The Forum Quality Team can view the suggestions for improvement you make in every forum. The forum moderators can also view your suggestions if you suggested an improvement to a post in a forum which they moderate.

The original poster will not be informed of your username if you report their post for improvement but they may still view the reasoning for why an improvement to their post was suggested. Please bear in mind that it is important to stay impartial while suggesting improvements and the primary goal for the Improve button is to improve Neoseeker's quality on the forums.

Constant abuse of the Improve feature is in violation of site-wide rules of acceptable behaviour and such violators might be subject to site-wide restrictions by the Super Moderators.

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