Final Fantasy 4 Characters

                         Characters of Final Fantasy 4

HEROS Cecil Harvey- A Dark Knight/Paladin of the Red Wings of Baron. Rosa Farrel- A White Mage of Baron. Kain Highwind- A Dragoon of Baron. Cid Pollendina- An Engineer of Baron. Edward- A Baron who is the Prince of Damaycan. Tellah- A Sage of Mysidia. Edge- The Prince of Eblan is a Ninja. Rydia- A Caller of Mist. Yang Fang Leiden- A Monk of Fabul. Palom- The apprentice Black Mage of Mysidia is the twin brother of Porom. Porom- The apprentice White Mage of Mysidia is the twin sister of Palom.

VILLAINS Golbez- The evil Mage is Cecil's brother. Zemus- The main enemy changes into a monster called Zeromus. Rubicant- The Fiend of Fire. Valvalis- The Fiend of Wind. Cagnazzo- The Fiend of Water. Milon- The Fiend of Earth(???) Cindy, Mindy, and Sandy- The three Magus Sisters.

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