Fanart is art designed or drawn and submitted by Neoseeker members to be displayed in game, movie or book profiles.

When fanart is submitted it must first be reviewed and added by the CRS staff. Upon being added the art will be displayed in all the profiles/series the image was linked to along with a small description (min. 100 characters) of the piece.


[edit] Fan Art Profile

Fan artists also have their own "Art Profile page", like these:

These pages are accessible from any member's Neoseeker profile by clicking on the "Artwork" link. You can also access your own fanart page by hovering over your username at the top-left corner and scrolling down the list to "Fanart". Note that these links only appear when the member concerned has fanart in the system.

[edit] Featured Art

Fan artists may favourite their own pieces, which are then placed in a special Featured Art showcase within their Fan Art Profile.

Any art Favourited that is not created by you is placed as "Favourite Art" at the bottom of your profile.

[edit] Submitting Fanart

[edit] Where to Submit

Note that to submit fanart you must attach it to a Series on Neoseeker. If a series does not exist then one can be submitted, but please note the guidelines for series creation on the wiki page.

There are several ways to access the fanart upload page.

Method 1:

From a series page (for example). To find a series you can find a full listing of them at the series homepage. Click the "Submit your drawing to *Series Name* series" link on a given series page.

Method 2

From a product profile page (for example). Click the contribute link under the profile tabs, then scroll down and click Fanart.

Method 3

From the Fanart homepage. Click the Add your artwork link at the top, then select a series from the dropdown menu. The upload form should then appear.

[edit] Upload Form

Be sure to check out the Fanart Submission Rules if you are not familiar with them to avoid unnecessary rejections.

Click "Choose File/Browse" and use the file explorer to locate the fanart that is on your computer.

Various details can be added at this stage as well. You can use checkboxes to tie the fanart to specific entries in the series and to note the art medium used to create the fanart. The artwork can optionally be tied to a forum discussion by adding the thread ID number to the relevant field. A title and description for your artwork is also required.

Click Submit Fanart when done. This will submit it into the CRS system, where it will be processed by members of the CRS team.

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