Email Privacy Options

When editing your Neoseeker profile you can edit not only your email address, but also the email display options.

To email this option go to the user profile editing page. Then look for the below box:

privacy setting dropbox

The three options are:

Hide Email Completely: Do not show your email in your profile at all.

Hide and Allow Emails Through Neoseeker: Your email address is not shown to the public, in your profile there is a link to a page that lets users email you WITHOUT showing your email. This allows you to receive emails safely while maintaining your privacy.

Show email to Public: Your email address is shown to the public.

[edit] How does Hide and Allow Emails Through Neoseeker Work

If you set your privacy setting to this option, your profile will have a link titled "click here to email User" in the email field, like below:

what visitors will see on your profile

Clicking on that leads to a form that looks like the below image, but ONLY for logged in Neoseeker members! This adds another layer of privacy so random visitors cannot spam you.

email form only usable by Neoseeker members

Note that users cannot see your email, the email is sent through Neoseeker's email server. However, if you reply to the email your email address will be exposed so make sure only to reply if you are OK with revealing your address.

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