The editor rank is given to in-house or remote employees of Neo Era Media who are responsible for the company's editorial content. They display the editor rank under their usernames in the forums.

Holders of this rank may or may not have access to moderator features on a sitewide basis depending on what permission structures they inherit as part of their role. Despite this, as with Neostaff, they are not considered a part of the forum moderation hierarchy and are classed as regular users when posting outside the capacity of their editorial position. They are not authorized to act in the capacity of a moderator or super moderator unless they explicitly hold these ranks independent of their editor position.


[edit] Responsibilities

Editors are generally responsible for the production, content and timely publication of news articles relevant to the area(s) they're managing. This may include gaming news, hardware news and reviews or content for other sites in the Neoseeker family. They may also be responsible for managing writers working under them to ensure news content produced is appropriate and fit for publication in accordance with Neoseeker's editorial standards and guidelines.

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