DEVPEN is a part of the Neoseeker network, contributed to and run by members of the Neoseeker and its own communities. It's primary focus is original articles and tutorials with bases in PHP, MySQL, Javascipt, HTML, and CSS. The site also contains articles dealing with thinking at the conceptual level.

[edit] Staff

[edit] Submitting Work

If you have an article or tutorial to submit to DEVPEN, please contact any of the above users via Neoseeker Private Message or by posting on the DEVPEN forums if that fails. All contributions will be welcome, but are subject to peer review and the author may be asked to edit or update certain areas before it is accepted for publication.

DEVPEN Website

[edit] A New Wind

After a while of inactivity, DEVPEN is having a second wind. A dummy site was proposed, and is currently in planning/development phase.

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