Custom title

The custom title is achieved at the fifty post mark on the forums as well as the Neohome. This feature allows a member to have a small saying or couple of words/characters appear below their name on the forums. The maximum amount of characters allowed in a custom title is 40. It can be edited here.

[edit] Prohibited Text

Visitors to the Site who are not recognized Administrators, Wiki Staff Members or Moderators with full credentials, should not pose as the aforementioned ranks, through the use of Administrator, Wiki Staff Member or Moderator in their custom title. The creation of new accounts to pose as any of these ranks is also strictly forbidden, for example, "Neoseeker Admin", "Final Fantasy X Moderator" or "Neoseeker Wiki Staff". This includes but is not limited to using the following titles or deviant spellings of admin, Administrator, Webmaster, Staff, Wiki Contributor, Wiki Staff, Mod and Moderator. (From forum rules )

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