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[edit] Network and Community Projects

[edit] Neoseeker Podcast

Neoseeker Podcast - run by members for members!

[edit] GameGrep

GameGrep is possibly the most successful of the Neoseeker projects. Here you can find news from the video game world. You can get GameGrep points for articles you post, and the votes you receive on the articles.

[edit] GFXcess

In January 2006, Neoseeker released a new website known as GFXcess. Besides offering tutorials for graphic artists, there is a gallery complete with works from members. Users can comment on each other's work.

[edit] Fanart.Neo

As of February 2007, Neoseeker released it's own Fanart 'project'. The aim of the website was to allow members of Neoseeker to submit hand-drawn pictures of a series of game, tv show or any other profiles available on Neoseeker. The announcement of the release was made here.

[edit] nXchange

nXchange allows members to trade games, DVDs, etc. with each other on an honour system. It also allows members to sell movies and videogames to each other. nxchange was fully shut down, with all pages removed, on Nov 14, 2014.

[edit] iNdevelopment

This is a new website based out of the Writer's Lounge forum, along the lines of GFXcess but for writing. It is still in early development stages.

[edit] IRC Channel

Neoseeker has its own IRC channel, #Neoseeker, located on the IRCpwnsu network.

Network Admin Team

Server Admin

[edit] DEVPEN

DEVPEN is for web deveplopment resources. The site has articles for many web languages, including HTML, JavaScript, and PHP.

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