Neoseeker hosts a variety of game series and gaming types. These gaming types have been broken down into their subforums by their game genre and platform. However, most games in the series is included in another section called "Community". In the community, users may meet other users who enjoy the same series of games. The community section has several features that assist users in doing this; these features allow users to indicate their interest in a series of games. Here's a detailed analysis and demonstration of each feature.


[edit] Joining a Community

Joining a community is the first step we'll take on this journey. Let's say we really enjoy playing the Pokemon series and we want to alert other users that we have this interest. Let's join the community! Simply hit the "Join Community" button on the community page. The community page for participating series is linked at the top of the forums of each affected game. Join Community.jpg

[edit] Getting a Badge

Some communities will offer us to obtain a badge that is shown off when posting in forums in our community. Now that we've joined a community, let's get involved! Go to the community page and hit "Get Your Badge". Get Badge.jpg

A tab of all the badges the community offers will pop up. Select one that describes you or one you think is cool, and hit "Pick Badge". Now, let's go to one of our forum posts in the community and see our profile. The badge we chose is now displayed next to our name!

Profile Badge.jpg

This badge now shows our love for the community. Anyone else in the communities' forums will see our badge when we post in such subforums. When someone sees this badge, they can hover over it and see what the community is and can also join it from our badge! Userbar.jpg

[edit] Community Editors

Every community will have at least one editor, sometimes more. These users are designated as leaders among the community. They carry the task of editing the community page and building the community. They can be identified by the column to the right of the community page.

Community Editors.jpg

In this case, we have three community personnel that we can contact if we have any ideas to improve the community or any general questions about the game series. They can also assist in redirecting users to desired forums if they do not know where that forum is.

[edit] Community Summary

Some communities will have a summary of what the community offers. This summary is maintained by the editors and can be seen above the editor's column.

Editorial Column.jpg

That is all there is to know about communities and who runs them. Questions or queries about a specific community? PM the Community Editor!

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