[edit] Using the Collections

[edit] Navigation


  • Collection

This tab takes you to your collections page

  • Completion list

Anything that you set as completed, you can view all completion information here

  • Games, Movies, Books

Depending on what tab you're on (Collection of Completion) you can view particular types; Games, Movies or Books

  • "All platforms" platform drop down

You can also filter by platform; just select one from the drop down box

  • Owned

All items that you have selected as "own" will be displayed when you set this filter

  • Wanted

All items you've set to "want" will be displayed

  • All

Shows both own and wanted items

  • Toggle favourites only

Sets a filter to only show items you have added as "favourites"

[edit] Searching (adding items)

Collections2.jpg Searching allows you to add items as own or want and also to set completion. You can also use the filter by my platforms toggle to only see games in which you own platforms for. The "my platforms" link will take you to your edit profile so you can easily edit which platforms you own.

Collections2a.jpg After a few seconds when you stop typing the search will automatically trigger and do a search for you. This means you can progressively search and refine the results as you go. In the image above, after typing gears of war and getting the results, you could type in 3 to then search for 'gears of war 3'.

While the search is still processing you'll see a blue loading icon to the left of the search box.

Collections2b.jpg If your search keyword matches an exact title name, that item will show up first on the list, all other relevant terms will show up after.

As you can see I have Gears of War on my own list and it's set to 'in progress' Gears of War 2 is on my want list.

[edit] Adding ownership

  • Simply click on own or want
  • If something is set to want you want toggle it by clicking own

[edit] Removing ownership

  • Each status is a toggle. On my list, if I no longer want Gears of War 2 I can simply click the want link to take it off of my list.

[edit] Adding completion

  • The same method as Adding ownership applies here

[edit] Editing Your Collection

[edit] Using the Completion List

Collections3.jpg Editing your collections is much easier now! when you're logged in and on your own collections page just use your mouse and hover over the 'Title' area to get a set of quick editing options for that item.

  • favourite

Toggles on/off the favourite status

  • now playing

A new feature for the collections upgrade; this option is only available for games on your collections list. Setting a game to 'now playing' will display it at the top of your games collections page.

  • edit

This pops up with a box which allows you to edit all of the quick edit options as well as completion information

  • shout

--read the full article
This feature utilizes the mini feed feature and allows you to say anything you want about the game! This will show up in the Details column once you have 'shouted'

  • delete

removes the item from your list

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