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Neoseeker New Cheat System

As of July 15, 2008, Neoseeker launches a new cheat system for a better data organization. Here's a tutorial of how to use it.

Cheat Categories

Before we start the tutorial, the new cheat system has the following categories: (Shown in their display order)

  1. Command code (code)
    • If you're familiar with the Konami Code, you'll know what this is. These are button commands you can enter at particular places to unlock something hidden or not normally accessible.
  2. Game password (password)
    • Actual passwords that you enter at a specific screen to unlock something hidden, or resume progress.
  3. Rewards, Accomplishments & Unlockables (unlockable)
    • Sometimes you get something from the game for your efforts. Here's where you show others what you can get from the game, and how to get 'em.
    1. Trophies (PS3)
      • Some PS3 games will sport Trophies which players can earn and proudly display whether you're at Home or on the XMB. If you know what and how you can earn these, don't be shy to contribute!
    2. Achievements (Xbox360)
      • If you have the dirt on what you can earn Achievement points for in a game, along with what challenge needs to completed to score them, share the knowledge. Don't forget to list how many points you can earn too.
  4. Hints & Tips (tip)
    • Have a brief tip on how to get by troublesome parts of the game? Share your hints and strategies with us here.
  5. Glitches (glitch)
    • Particularly keen players may catch wind of an exploit which the game developers themselves have overlooked during testing and somehow made it into the final product. If it's not a cheat or password, but something pragmatic gamers can abuse in-game as a "loophole" to the "rules" (like taking advantage of AI behaviour, or item duplication), try submitting it as a glitch.
  6. Easter Eggs & Hidden In-game Goodies (easter_egg)
    • Found something nifty hidden in the game which you can access without need for cheat codes or passwords? Submit it as an Easter Egg which other players can find!

Note: Tip is no longer a separate type; it's now a category under Cheats.

Category Type

For unlockables and passwords, there are category types to better describe what the cheat does. It consists of its title, description, and the two columns headers (*optional).

Category Type

If the game profile already had cheats submitted, members might be able to choose from the list of existing category types.

Members are always welcomed to create a new one. PS3 and XBOX360 would automatically have Achievements and Trophies included in the selectbox.

After completing it, the final submission would append after the category type title and description.

Unlockable Characters

Complete the requirements and unlock these characters.

Character What to do
Baby Luigi 1. Unlock 8 Expert Staff Ghosts
2. Win 100 WFC Ghost Races
3. Race 3,150 times

The default column header for unlockable (if not given) is Unlockable, How to unlock.

The default column header for password (if not given) is Password, What it does.

Submit New Cheat

There are two ways to submit a new cheat.

  1. Submit cheat from the profile page
  2. Submit cheat on this page and search for the game

After you chose the cheat category, you would land on the submission page. Depending on the chosen category, the submission page would look different.

For unlockable and password:

To add a new unlockable/password, first either choose a #Category_Type from the dropdown list, or create your own if required (e.g. some games will have types of unlockables/passwords specific to it). Next, fill out the submission form. There are two ways to add submission using it.

Column Mode

Column Mode

Each line represents one unlockable/password you can pontentially add. Fill out both columns; the first column will be the name of the unlockable/password, and the second column will be a brief description on how to earn it.

Please remember: If you are adding a new unlockable/password, please fill out BOTH columns, or else the form toggle feature will not properly parse your text for proper readability.

Manual Mode

Manual Mode

If you wish, you can switch the form to "manual edit mode" to copy and paste a whole block of text you have created before hand instead. This facilitates mass uploads of unlockables/passwords. Again, each unlockable/password will require a title and description. Each individual unlockable/password will also be separated by new lines.


Unlockable 1 title Unlockable 1 description
Unlockable 2 title Unlockable 2 description

When pasting text into the manual edit form this way, you'll notice the form will automatically parse it for conversion into readable column format. You can even manually type out the parsing code yourself if you wish.

Auto-parsing would be done on lines which contain either one of the following symbols:

  • - Dash
  •  : Colon
  • " " Horizontal tab (used for copied table content)

The syntax is as follows:

Unlockable 1 title|+|Unlockable 1 description
Unlockable 2 title|+|Unlockable 2 description

Where "|+|" (without quotes) is the "column separator.

In both modes, you can always Preview your submissions before committing them to NeoCRS for approval by our staff and members.


  1. If there's an existing submission for the same category type under the same game, new submission would append to the existing submission. If reordering the cheat table is necessary, simply Edit the cheat to rearrange its order.

For any other types:

Regular submission

The submission form would look similar to the existing system. Submission content should be a detailed description of what the cheat can do in paragraph form.

nTags in Cheats

nTags are allowed in all cheats submissions, even for unlockables and passwords. For example:

[b]Baby Luigi:[/b]|+|[ol][li]Unlock 8 Expert Staff Ghosts[/li][li]Win 100 WFC Ghost Races[/li][li]Race 3,150 times[/li][/ol]

would become

Baby Luigi 1. Unlock 8 Expert Staff Ghosts
2. Win 100 WFC Ghost Races
3. Race 3,150 times

Difference between the old and new system

  1. Ratings are taken out from the new system.
  2. Tips are no longer a separate submission type; it goes under "Cheat" as a category. Therefore, there's no more "Tip" category in NeoCRS and members' contribution stats after being merged as cheats.
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