A ban is an action performed by the various types of moderator or by an administrator that results in blocking of a user from certain or all forum features. Conduct that could result in a ban include but are not limited to:

  • Spamming
  • Flaming
  • Membrating or acting in place of a moderator
  • Ban bypassing/dodging (a common method to do this is by creating new accounts to access the forum(s) a user is banned in)
  • Posting or linking to pornography or any other kind of inappropriate content that may not be suitable for children or that may disturb the community in general
  • Bypassing the word filter
  • Posting links to illegal and/or advertising materials

[edit] Types of Bans

[edit] Temporary

A temporary ban can prevent you from posting in a forum for a fixed period of time. The shortest amount of time is a day.

[edit] Permanent

A permanent ban (often shortened perma-ban) can be site-wide or in just one forum, but is more often site-wide. Perma-bans are usually handed down for extreme misconduct or continual ban bypassing. This type of ban can be reversed by contacting the moderator/super moderator who dealt the ban and showing sincere change in attitude, months after the incident. The user can come back on a limited post-per-day provision, but can also regain the other features, such as NeoPM, by conducting themselves well.

[edit] Suspension

Not to be confused with a temporary ban, a suspension is actually a worse case of prohibition than a perma-ban. When an account is suspended, it cannot be logged in on and the suspended member's profile is removed from the member directory. A message like this will appear on the member's profile:

This account has been Suspended Due to TOS Breach or Spam, Abuse, or other serious problem.

These usually last forever, but like perma-bans, can still be lifted if the member improves their attitude and contacts an administrator or super moderator to get it lifted, albeit this rarely happens.

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